Friday, January 08, 2010

Another top has been quilted, for a total of seven over the holiday break. This is my verandah quilt, from a few months ago. The table topper was quilted before this, and is just waiting for it's binding; looks like I have to have a binding marathon like Judy. I bound the Starstruck already, but that leaves six still in line. None of them are big quilts, but it will take a while none-the-less.

I used up 28m in one day, making backings for the next 6 quilts; 6 bindings will need another 3 metres, so my stash-busting report will be quite healthy.Plus I used up some scraps finishing this top, which was a UFO from last year. I'm not finished with this pattern, I have a variation to make next. I think I'll call it Button Box, because the design forms circles and centres like buttons. The variation will be in a planned colour scheme, not scrap like this; I want to see how heavily I can emphasize the circular aspect of the design.

Dolly is good company in the workroom, and not much escapes her notice. We noticed her watching a spot in front of her nose the other day, very alert and intent. There was a tiny ant trekking across the carpet, and Dolly followed his progress for a good 10 minutes, fascinated and twitching with excitement.

Alas, I think she ate him in the end, or snorted him up her nose or something. Either way he vanished.
We get just as much pleasure out of watching her.


Chookyblue...... 5:40 PM  

love the first quilt in this post.......

Kerri 12:48 AM  

I love the veranda quilt and the overall quilting looks great! Way to go on your binding busting.

pdudgeon 1:00 AM  

Yep, i love the Veranda quilt as well. Nice job on using up those scraps. and i like the way you've carried the top and bottom borders all the way across the quilt. gives added interest at a point where one normally doesn't expect to find it. that's a trick i'll have to remember.

Laura 3:41 AM  

Love both quilts, but really like the pattern in the second...very interesting.

Ah, yes the animal entertainment. Most of the entertainment in our house is from the feline species. They do the same things with the tiny bugs, and yes, I think they also eat them in the end.

bingo~bonnie 2:21 PM  

ooough what beautiful scrappy quilts! I especially love all the 4 patches used in the Verandah quilt!

Congrats on getting so much accomplished - you're off to a great start in 2010!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

Brenda 6:11 PM  

Molly Mandy loves an insect as well!

Ann 3:07 AM  

The verandah quilt really catches my eye, even though I can't pinpoint exactly what is so delightful. Looking at the bigger picture, I was so impressed by the background fabrics - I don't think I would have ever put them all together. You have a great eye for color!

sewprimitive karen 5:44 AM  

Dolly is adorable; such concentration!

Meggie 9:29 AM  

Lovely quilts, and another lovely Dolly story!

Jenni 12:56 PM  

I love the verandah quilt, beautiful. Dolly is such a good girl - looks like she can keep herself amused for ages. When I'm sewing Simon sleeps under the table while Chloe sleeps on the spare bed. Chloe likes to chase and catch flies.

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