Saturday, January 16, 2010

Quiltathon Progress Report no.1 .
One scrap drawer is empty, and all the scraps have been cut into Lady of the Lake pieces, or into strips to go into the strip drawers. And the rest has hit the bin.It feels mighty good to have whittled down the scraps to this level, and early on in the piece too. There's lots of time left this weekend to achieve other things.

First and foremost I want to get my blue and green tumblers in one piece, which isn't far off. I've been sewing them into pairs and arranging them on the design wall; now to sew them into rows. I only need 14 rows, so it shouldn't take much time. While I'm sewing I'll think about the next project to work on. I'm thinking I need to put the binding on one or two quilts, and then I can truly call them finished.


Karen 11:38 PM  

I am looking forward to seeing Your Lady of the Lake blocks. The pieces you have cut out look good just as they are, so they are bound to look good in your blocks.

Laura 11:52 PM  

You have been quilt productive so far. Can't wait to see what else you accomplish this weekend. Before I can do any sewing, I have to go do my business accounting for last year. Hopefully it won't take took long.

Gail 11:17 AM  

You have accomplished a great deal, and the fabrics in your pictures are wonderful, I'm sure you will enjoy sewing them into Lady of the Lake blocks.

Hedgehog 9:43 PM  

Love those tumblers! Happy 2010 to you and yours!

Quiltsmiles 4:41 AM  

It's a wonderful feeling when you see the bottom of a scrap bin. I bet you're feeling great to have them all cut for your lady of the lake. Nice going! Jane

scraphappy 7:43 AM  

Clearing out the last of the scrap drawer is a lovely way to start a quilt marathon weekend. Nothing feels better than getting to the end of a seemingly endless process. Have a great time sewing.

Henrietta 2:51 PM  

Tumblers can be mindlessly addictive and they waste very little. Super leaders and enders too.

amandajg 12:15 PM  

Instead of putting the other bits in the bin, how about donating them to your local school/kindergarten/daycare for the kids to do collage?

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