Friday, September 27, 2019

I've been sewing away on my projects every time I come home, and there has been progress on several fronts.  I've formed a bad habit of staying up late when the sewing is going well, so a lot of times I stay up till 2am.  This is fine when I can sleep in, but not so good when I wake up at 6.30.  But my sewing time is precious, so I'll just have to learn to deal with the random sleep.

I finished the second quilt made out of tiny Puss In The Corner blocks.

I used a lot of different colour scraps in this, and used up all the leftover blocks from the Farmhouse quilt that started all this.
I'm pleased with both of them, and they were great leader-ender blocks, but I think I need a rest from tiny 3.5" blocks.  I'm going through my list of UFOs to choose another project  to work on.  It will be something with bigger pieces than 1.25" squares.....


Sandy 3:24 PM  

Another fabulous quilt, Karyn. I have a puss-in-the-corner quilt brewing in the back of my brain, but nothing's taken shape yet,

Karen 7:55 PM  

The lighter colors in your Puss blocks give the quilt glowing spots. Drawns my eye around the quilt. Nice.

Mary Johnson 12:26 AM  

These are great too ... my favorite is the on point setting!

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