Sunday, October 13, 2019

charm square ninepatches

Ages ago I saw this quilt in a book of New Jersey quilts, and decided I'd like to make it using my charm squares. 

So I made a heap of 3 inch 9patches, and added corner triangles made from a 3 inch square cut diagonally. 
It turned out to be a very random, muddy looking top, because I chose muddy colored charm packs in the first place. I had so much trouble distributing the light and dark blocks that I threatened to chuck the lot in the bin. 

I finally got it arranged to my satisfaction, and then started pondering the borders. 

I really love the border on the antique quilt, but I didn't really think my version needed it.

This is what I've decided on. 

It will be a simple job to add them next time I'm home, and that will be another UFO to cross off the list. I'm aiming to finish 12 tops this year, and I'm on target for that. Even with so little time to spare, I'm achieving things this year. 


Lynley 6:04 PM  

I think that is beautiful! There is something very lovely about subtle colours and they way they look together.

Holly 6:53 PM  

I like you quilt & it doesn't look muddy! But I know what you mean. I tend to add gold or cheddar when sewing with brown. Sometimes bits of red too. Glad you're accomplishing something,. I'm just puttering along slowly with my quilts.

Jayne 1:37 AM  

Oh, how absolutely lovewly. Is this the 'old' project you told me about?

Apart from being beautiful, you have given me exactly the inspiration I need to help move on a 'stuck' project of my own from many, many years ago. In fact, you have me wondering if you posted about this quilt previously and were my inspiration back then?

Vicki 6:16 AM  

I love this! Beautiful

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