Sunday, January 26, 2020

Oh dear, I seem to have started a new project.  That list is not going to get shorter anytime soon.  I don't call it a UFO list, it's called Ongoing Projects.  That sounds a lot more positive.

I saw an antique quilt in a book and thought it would make a good leader-ender for this year.  So I cut a heap of 3" Quarter Square Triangles with the Go Cutter, and started making blocks.

They are really nice to sew, easy to press, and because they are going to be set with alternate plain squares I don't have to worry about how the seams fall.  One of my goals this year is to use up more of the yardage I have.  There are some really beautiful pieces in my stash cupboard, and I've hoarded them for years because they are so Precious.  I want a lot of my quilts this year to have wide sashing, alternate plain squares, or wide borders.  Time to put the Precious fabric into quilts.

I hated the white setting squares when I put the blocks up on the wall, so I substituted a pale pink.  It looks just like I want it to, antique and like a scrappy farm quilt.  So now I can cut a lot more pieces, and kit a lot more blocks, and at least I know how I want it set together and with what fabric.  I really need to know where I"m going with a project to feel happy with it.

What to call it?  Blockbase calls it Big Dipper or Electric Fan.  I don't like either of those names, so I'll have to come up with something of my own.  It's made up of Hour Glass blocks, so maybe I can come up with a name that plays off that.  I'll think about that while I 'm making another dozen blocks.


Karen in Breezy Point 8:24 AM  

What a fun quilt it's going to be. I can understand why the block would be called Electric Fan because of the pinwheel in the center of the hourglass blocks, but where they ever got Big Dipper is beyond me. I'll be interested in hearing what name you give it.

Vicki 5:55 PM  

You always make such beautiful quilts!

qypsyquilterdesigns 10:44 AM  

Wow, what fun ideas you come up with to reproduce antique quilts.

Here in North Carolina, USA, we're supposed to reach 69 degrees today. This is winter? Sure hope you get some coolness and plenty of rain soon.

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