Friday, January 31, 2020

We are having the most disgusting weather, it's blisteringly hot, blowing a gale, a thunderstorm threatening. It's just horrible. I'm confined to the workroom in the Ac, waiting for the promised cool change. I've read enough books this year, and surfed enough websites, and now I just want to sew.

I don't want to sew my main projects on the workroom machine, too scared of different seam allowances wrecking my blocks. I pulled out a big tub of scraps from my blue and green tops, and I've been sorting them with an eye to making donation quilts. 
It will be interesting to see how many quilts I can conjure out of this lot.
I'm sewing all these off cuts from my tumbler quilt first, and I'll put them together in strips like a Chinese Coin. 
It probably won't be very big, but I think it would be a cheerful baby or boy quilt. I have a piece of cat material that can be the backing, and it will be good to get rid of that: I've had it for 20 years!

I'm feeling quite obsessed with bright scraps, thinking about donation quilts that could bring a smile to some child's face. After all the bleak black and grey of the bushfire scenes a colorful quilt is just what's needed. 


sewyouquilt2 3:28 AM  

Love it. Great idea. Love that cat material. Why cant I find cool stuff like that in my stash lol

Sue SA 12:39 PM  

I love the cat fabric! LOL and I am not a cat person. I have been having fun kitting up quilt tops from my scraps/stash and some of my mothers stash as well. It is amazing how much fabric you can use up if you just spend your time cutting and not sewing LOL!

jude's page 4:33 PM  

Love your thinking re the bright fabrics to cheer up someone who has been through the fires. Hope to get some quilts made also.

Megan 2:39 AM  

I've had metres and metres of that cat fabric in my stash for many years - if you say 20, then I'll believe you. I bought it because I thought it would be a great fabric for the border of a blue quilt, but I've found it very very challenging to use - the blue is so intense that it just sucks the life out of any other fabric near it, so like you, I've resorted to using it as backing. And I've still got quite a bit of it left to use!


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