Wednesday, January 22, 2020

One day when it was very hot I was in the workroom, wishing I felt energetic enough to actually do something.Then my eye fell upon my Dear Jane quilt, languishing on a laundry rack.

Hmmm, I thought, that's a nice block
I grabbed a couple of scraps and whipped up a single block, to see if it was fun to piece and press.  I reversed the placement of the light and dark pieces, but I still like the DJ block, so there may be another one of these later on.  I was so happy to be sewing, and enthusiastic, that I cut out a lot more blocks, and sewed a few of them up.
Blue and green is much more my style; looks like the original block will go in the orphan box for now.

Lying on the table was this piece of fabric that I bought on spec last year, thinking that it would make a good backing for one of my quilts. I think it will be perfect for this one.

So one off the list, a new one to replace it.  Never mind, it still feels like progress to me.


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