Monday, February 17, 2020

Where do I start...?  Nearly three weeks since my last post, and I've been busy.  Circumstances conspired against me making a blog post; the cord to my laptop died and refused to charge.  Luckily Shonny's laptop had a similar cord, so I was able to limp along with that while I was at her place, and I ordered a replacement cord.  That took over a week to arrive, and by then I'd used up most of my data for the month, and had to severely ration my net time to make it last the month.  According to the figures I've doubled the amount of data I use, which is odd because my browsing habits haven't changed.  I blame all these ads and videos that pop up where you least expect them, and run in the background endlessly.

While I couldn't get online I stayed in my sewing room and cut up a mountain of material.  I've been on a cutting spree, and stripped up a whole heap of FQs and scraps to make some happy, modern quilts. It's been so much fun, but I don't have finishes yet because I keep starting new things whenever I get an idea. It's been a tremendous amount of fun, so I"m not going to change what I"m doing.  Very soon I'll be down in Adelaide with the new grandbaby, and I'll have to leave all my projects behind, so I"m having fun while I can.

I quilted a quilt last week, and that was a good feeling.  It's off to a magazine, so no photos just yet.  It was so helpful to have the backing all ready, all I had to do was cut the batting and load the backing.  I'm inspired to get a whole line-up of quilts ready for the machine, so I can quilt one whenever I have a day or two to spare.

Here's a quick view of my design wall.  There are so many things that I want to work on, I just want to race from one thing to another and make progress on them all.
I started a quilt from 6" Spinning Rectangles, and that just needs the borders cut and attached.
I started Tulips cut from bright pastels.
I started a Sawtooth Star like Mereth's, because I have a heap of those black floral scraps too.
I made a Cross and Plus block, and I really love it, but I haven't had time to make any more.  I have a heap of pieces cut, but I haven't got round to them yet.

So many things to do!! I've really enjoyed myself.


Sue SA 6:46 AM  

Love the different blocks you are making, especially the tulip block. The spinning rectangles is such a easy but effect block I have no idea why I have never made one...I want to make it now! LOL thanks for the inspiration.

sewyouquilt2 8:42 PM  

Those tulips are so adorable

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