Wednesday, February 19, 2020

A very scrappy quilt

I've spent quite a lot of time in the workroom, quilting, tidying, sorting, making decisions about storage and workflows and such.  It's been a lovely time, just putting things in their places and setting the room to rights.  That sort of thing really helps settle things in your mind, and often really good ideas occur after hours of just pootling around.  It feels a bit aimless at the time, but it's relaxing, and then you're in a state where the ideas can pop up and be noticed.

The strips I made from the leftover scraps of my Tumbler quilt have been hanging around, and I put off getting them into one piece.  After a couple of hours in the workroom I told myself to just get on and finish them, with some leftovers from the backing of the Spinning Rectangles quilt.  I had the idea of varying the width of the turquoise strips, to give the quilt a bit more interest, and I think it worked.
The centre 2 strips are cut 4" wide and the other strips are cut 3.5".  It's subtle, but it adds to the interest. The whole thing is 45" x 59", just a nice size for the top of a single bed.

 I'm glad this is in one piece, and ready to be quilted, with that ancient cat fabric as the backing. It will have to be extended with some blue backing scraps from other quilts, and I think I will join several strips of batting together for the filling. It's a good feeling to clear out so many scraps and pieces all at once.


Linda 4:09 AM  

I love your Chinese Coins style scrap quilt. Lovely colours and such a good idea to use up those scraps - and piecing batting and backing too. You must feel very pleased with yourself. I’ve been doing similar things recently, made me satisfied to see some scraps being used and not stored!

Sue SA 6:17 AM  

Lovely finish using up scraps, I really like the colours. I have always pieced my wadding scraps, but rarely backings = but it will be happening soon, as I get to the end of the line of big pieces in my stash.

sewyouquilt2 8:41 PM  

Oooo my colors. Is it for Me? Lol

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