Friday, February 21, 2020

Pastel Spinning Rectangle

I really love the simplicity of these blocks, they go together in no time flat.

I went through my stash of brighter pastels and cut one or two 3.5" strips from all of them.  The white is a bolt I discovered in the workroom and I'd totally forgotten I even bought it, so I don't know where it came from.  It's been great in this, because I can just reel off metres of it, knowing there is plenty more to finish these quilts any way I want.
The first donation quilt is in one piece, and I'm still cutting these blocks.  
I have 60 kitted to take down to Adelaide as my sewing.  I have piles of strips all over the cutting table, and I just work my way through them all, cutting the 2" slices.  I stack the strips 4 at a time, and every slice is another block, it's so quick.  I don't think it would be any quicker with the Go Cutter, so no need to buy a die. I'll save that money for more fabric.

The block is easy to construct without using an iron, just finger pressing the seams, so it's ideal for me to sew a few of them in any spare moment. It would be nice to come home with all the blocks for the next quilt made. That will depend on how hectic it is with the new baby.


ThreadCatcher 12:14 AM  

If you have the 2 inch strip die for your Go Cutter you could lay your 3.5 inch strips horizontally, fold over themselves and cut several at a time. I marked extra lines on my die so I could do more strips at a time. Your blocks are becoming wonderful donation quilts!

Sue SA 7:01 AM  

Are the stripes really 3.5" wide? Or 3.5" long? They make a great block either way, just love this pattern on point.

Unknown 5:37 AM  

What are the measurements of your strips please?

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