Thursday, October 07, 2021

Carolina Chain finished

 So much for kitting it and leaving it on the shelf.  It's a finished top, in a little over a month,and I spent two of those weeks in Adelaide. It was a stressful month though, and these little blocks kept me sane.

It looks lighter in the photo than in real life,  and I'm really pleased with it.

I originally thought this pink would do for the setting triangles, but it just looked washed out. I only decided that after I'd cut out all the pieces I needed. First I cut them for a 6" block, realised my mistake, and then cut them for a 4.5" block. So I have 2 sets of setting triangles in this pink that can wait in the drawer until I need them.

This pink is much redder and sets off the other colours nicely.  It's very old too, so I'm glad to have moved an ancient piece out of the stash. With this piece, I cut setting triangles for a 4" block first, I don't know where my mind was that night. There was juuuust enough fabric left to cut the triangles for the correct 4.5" blocks. I have 3, three, sets of triangles in the drawer now.                 

A recent visit to the doctor showed my oxygen levels to be stubbornly low.  I'm blaming my brain fog on that.....


Gretchen Weaver 4:14 AM  

Your Carolina Chain is beautiful! Happy quilting!

Rose Marie 5:51 AM  

Love it and the deeper pink sets off the other colours nicely!

Cherie in St Louis 3:19 PM  

Goodness, low oxygen levels can definitely be blamed for the setting triangle mis-cuts! Hope it improves.

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