Wednesday, October 06, 2021

The End Is In Sight

My project boxes are full of blocks, there are 5 that just need me to arrange the blocks on the design wall so I can start sewing them together. It's been months of just making blocks and stashing them away, and now I need to begin the big job of finishing them. I showed you the Scrappy Mountain Majesties yesterday; I decided I need another 30 blocks to make it more than a lap quilt, so the box goes back on the shelf while I make the rest.

The Scrap Chain blocks are all done, all 285 of them.
I really enjoyed making these, but I'm ready for them to be finished.  I'll put them on the design wall to make sure all the darks and lights are evenly distributed, then sew them into blocks of four gradually. At some stage in the future I'll concentrate on joining them into the final arrangement, but I don't feel any pressing need to do that right away.

That's a big stack of blocks.

And then there are the Carolina Chain blocks that Mereth and I started in the first week of September.  We both agreed we just wanted to kit them and leave them on the shelf, but she's had better luck with that than me.  I just couldn't help but sew them in batches of 20, they were so easy and fun.

I'm probably one sewing session away from having all the blocks sewn into fours, ready to arrange on the design wall.  Some projects just don't want to wait.

Then there's my pastel Tulip blocks,that have been waiting patiently for me to sash them together.

I really like them, but I hate working with white fabric. There, I've said it.  I hate having to be so careful watching out for anything that might leave a mark, and worrying whether the seams will show through, I'm going to have to find a reel of white cotton for the sashing seams and clean my whole sewing table so the dust doesn't contaminate my precious project. Every little blemish makes me wish I was sewing something more forgiving. At least my usual repro fabrics embrace the dust and coffee drips.

Recently I rediscovered this pile of blocks made from a lot of Judie Rothermel fabrics that I received from her fabric club.  Some are authentic, but ugly, and I made a pile of them into these blocks.  I also used nice ones, to dilute the ugliness, but it didn't work.  I've never been able to get these into a layout I was happy with, so they still languish in the cupboard.

This time I'm going to do something with them, no matter what. If it's ugly, I don't care.It will at least be done.


Gretchen Weaver 3:28 AM  

Beautiful blocks! My favorite blocks are the tulips, so dainty, happy stitching!

Suzanne 4:34 AM  

Ooooooh! Such inspiration! I love them all!

Lilac Joan 9:02 AM  

It is good to know that I am not the only one who makes blocks and blocks and stashes them in big clear boxes! Yours are lovely.

QuiltGranma 10:41 PM  

Lots of lovely quilt seeds there, waiting to grow into a finished quilt. That is SO like me too. I have finally found a perfect fabric for alternate blocks for one of the bunches of blocks, with plenty (I'm sure) to work in other quilts as well... I did buy 7 yards of it!

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