Monday, October 09, 2006

Can you remember the feeling when you were a child of running downhill so fast that your legs were out of control and you KNEW you were going to fall over and yet you couldn't stop because gravity and momentum were carrying you onward?? That's how I feel now, sewing crazily in every spare minute, not even stopping for coffee, and as soon as something is done I just start on the next thing.

But there was also a feeling of euphoria when you made it to the bottom of the hill unscathed and ran yourself to a stop or fell over in the grass shrieking with laughter. It didn't always end in tears.

It's the coffee thing that has me worried.... That is so out of character.

I've been sitting up late at night sewing, which is how I managed to get 14 blocks finished. I know I said I was going to kit these up, but I got carried away, and now I'm planning to cut out another quilt and I will most definitely make those blocks into kits. I promise. I am still elated at how much fabric I've used up in the last few weeks, and I want to keep on cutting.

As I sit by the window, with the cool night air flowing in, I can smell the Star Jasmine that is flowering in the front garden. It's so strong the air is saturated with it, and it's a beautiful companion to my late hours. I love plants like this, that will tolerate all the neglect I dish out; I enjoy my garden, but sometimes there aren't enough hours in the day to look after it all.

There was a new fragrance this afternoon; this Bush Apple, which is a type of eucalypt. It's covered in these 4" puffball flowers, and they're full of nectar. The smell is different from the jasmine, and stronger in the daytime. No matter what time I sit and sew, there is a wonderful scent. I'm quietly grateful.

Another thing I'm enjoying is these pins that I picked up on my last trip to the patchwork shop. They are so Cute! Too robust for pinning my patches together, but great for pinning groups of cut fabric. It was the little blue bows that got me; we had hair clips like that when we were kids....


Hedgehog 5:58 PM  

Could you bottle up some of that energy and ship it off to Finland for me?! Your blocks are so beautiful. Thanks for the flower photos, too. They are so different from what we have here and in Maine where I'm from.

mereth 7:38 PM  

You know for sure I'm going to ask you to get me some of those pins, don't you? How cute, and I think I've still got one of those hair clips too.
I LOVE the blocks, I just can't decide which is my favourite. You'll be finished in no time if you keep sewing at this rate!

Jenni 7:46 PM  

Yes I remember that feeling - we used to slide down the side of a hill on pieces of corrugated iron, but sometimes we would run too. Just keep on sewing - it will stop one day, and when you don't feel like sewing you can tell yourself that you already used your quota for that day, and there is no need to feel guilty. Blocks are looking great.

quiltpixie 5:20 AM  

I continue to be fascinated by that quilt top... If I understood correctly you cut the whole block from a seriies of fabrics, which you then mix and match??? They all look so completely different form one another I've taken a second look a couple of times to realize they are in fact the same quilt block! wow! what a neat system...

ForestJane 12:50 PM  

I'm impressed! All your blocks look great. I was trying to pick my favorite color/layout, but I can't, they're all great!

Quilty Cat 1:48 PM  

The blocks look stunning Kerryn!
And when we finally buy somwhere in Brisbane, I think I will have to plant a star jasmine..particularly if it can cope wth being ignored!
Love the pins..wonder if The Quilters Store here in Brissie has them?
Enjoy the sewing happens every now and then and is definitely to be savoured and remembered in the quieter times.

meggie 11:44 AM  

AHH! What a lovely blog.
I love all your not-kitted stars!

And thanks for the Jasmine, mine is not quite in flower, but I love the scent. Our lemon is still flowering madly, so it smells nice.

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