Thursday, October 26, 2006

I have been collecting dark blues for 25 years in order to make this quilt (can't find the name right now). But I kept using the blues for other things, and I decided that if I don't make the quilt now I never will. So while I sorted out my blue fabrics I kitted up 20 blocks. I even made one block to test out the cutting requirements. 19 to go, and I will have my quilt at last.

I've also been buying reds for years, in order to make a red and white quilt, and never got round to it. So I decided to cut the pieces for a London Roads quilt, and when I sort out the red fabrics I will cut the pieces and kit the quilt. Sewing them will be something for me to look forward to in the long hot summer months to come.

I have sorted and counted 7 of my material drawers, and it's been fun. I've got reacaquainted with all my lovely stuff, tossed a lot of lengths I no longer love and added considerably to the scrap bin. Tomorrow I will sit down and cut all the bits into strips and stow them away in the appropriate drawers. I feel so Organised.

I've had a lot of time to think about my Stash, and I'm trying to define what my material means to me.

Stash; to put away, as for safekeeping or in a prepared place; a hoard.

Hoard; an accumulation for future use.

My fabric is falling into two distinct groups. There is the fabric I want to use, to cut up, to include in all my quilts. And there is the stuff that I just want to own, to have, to gloat over. To use someday in a special wonderful quilt. I'm trying to store them so that I have easy access to all the material I want as my 'working' stash, and then my 'preciousss' pieces can be put away where they are safe and I can get them out occasionally and enjoy them.

I was congratulating myself on the fact that I don't really have a lot of Ugly fabric left, when I remembered some of my vintage fabrics. The only thing that springs to mind with some of them is 'What were they Thinking?!" You be the judge....

The first one is a piece of our nursery curtains and bassinet covers. I loathe clowns and always have.


Anonymous,  2:18 AM  

green horses? Those definately fall into the "What was I thinking?" & What were they thinking when they made it? I mean they have brown behind the trees....

quiltpixie 8:24 AM  

novelty vintage all to often falls into hte "what was I thinking" to me -- keeps me from buying novelty in any form....

meggie 9:46 AM  

Not keen on novelty vintage, either. Hate clowns, also!
HMMM now that I think of it, I have some hideous clown fabric. What WAS I thinking??

I am like you, I find I have fabric that I just want to gloat over, & I wont use it- I am saving it for something special.
Gom threatens it might be my shroud!

Eileen 5:55 AM  

So, just what WERE you thinking when you picked up the multi-colored cowboys? Is that a road we want to travel?? Hmm.....

Jenni 6:16 AM  

I so love to read "I've been collecting dark blue fabric for 25 years for this quilt" - I so relate. I haven't been collecting fabric for 25 years yet, but I certainly intend to!

Shelina 10:10 AM  

Organizing is so much fun - a chance to rekindle fond memories of fabric you purchased and had forgotten. I'm going through that now as I go through holiday decorations I haven't seen in five years. When you "toss" do you throw away your fabric or give it away?

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