Thursday, October 12, 2006

I ask you, is this the proper use of a treadmill? All the cats take turns sleeping on it, and I hate to say that I haven't turfed them off once in the last week. And what is my laptop doing there? I've obviously been distracted. Time to clean up and concentrate on putting things to rights around here.

We're having cooler weather thank heavens, so it's much more pleasant to work during the day. On the weekend we'll be working on the room downstairs, so I 'm trying to finish off a few sewing projects before then. Or at least get them organised so that I will know what I was doing when I finally get back to them.

The blue quilt is one of that I bound the other day. It is also a colour sampler, using a block that I have seen called Rabbit Foot, but I'm sure there are other names for it too. Its a nice simple block to try out the technique.

I love blue and green together, it's one of my favourite colour combinations. When I was home in South Australia I had to stop and take photos of the scenery; blue skies and green crops, with the darker blue line of the Flinders Ranges between.

Meredith spent years living on a farm, and I used to love driving out to her place. Once I irritated everyone in the car by singing John Denver all the way; 'Thank God I'm a Country Boy" but I substituted 'girl' of course. Mum said, in an effort to shut me up, "You were born in the city, not the country'. Maybe, but in my heart I'm a country girl.


Jenni 12:20 PM  

Perfect use for a treadmill I think. Those cats are busy taking turns to do 'cat exercise'. Sleep.

quiltpixie 12:30 PM  

hummm wonder if I could train my cats to sleep on a bicylce seat....

meggie 6:51 AM  

Oh Keryn! I love that blue & green quilt!! I WANT one.

Laughed at the cat. I am supposed to be trying an exercycle for my arthritic knee, which needs replacing anyway.... seems a waste of time & energy to me.

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