Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I am still refolding my stash, and measuring as I go. My backing lengths, florals and blues total 575 metres. Hmmmm, don't know if I'm pleased about that or not.

But I really don't have any blues atall, atall. They all fit into a few of these drawers, and when I want to make something I can never find anything that appeals. Maybe because all that's left is the second rate stuff. I have made more than 7 blue quilts in the last two years. And my fabric book shows me that I have bought only 15 or so blue FQs in that time. So I really have been shopping the stash for my blue quilts.

I've posted most of these quilts before, but I'm just showing them so you can see how much blue fabric I used. Click on the photos to see them bigger...


Carolyn 3:44 AM  

They are ALL beautiful! Maybe I need to pull out my blue and muslin 9 patches and do something with them...thanks for the inspiration!

Unknown 4:53 AM  

I just love the quilt with the big and little pinwheels

quiltpixie 9:12 AM  

just cause these blues haven't been chosen before doesn't mean they wont be perfect for some future project :-)

meggie 9:28 AM  

OH! Those Blue quilts make my teeth ache with envy!!

Hedgehog 4:52 AM  

My mom just brought me lots and lots of blue - can't wait to get started!! Thanks so much for the inspiration.

Anonymous,  3:09 PM  

I really love your blue quilts! Blue is my favorite color and these quilts are really inspiring.

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