Monday, October 23, 2006

The stack of material at right is the sum total of 9 hours of work; measuring, ironing and refolding my backings. My feet hurt! It doesn't look like much, but there are 274 metres of material there, in 53 pieces. It looks like I'm right for backings for the next 53 quilts I want to make....

There are a lot more pieces to deal with, but I will work on it over the next few weeks rather than all day every day. It's tough work dealing with such long lengths; they average out at 5 metres each. The longest piece I have is 6.7 metres; I think that's enough for anything I can imagine.

It's been fun re-acquainting myself with some of these; I tend to buy backing lengths on sale, and stuff them away in drawers and not look at them again. Some of them are so beautiful I'm thinking of upgrading them to the good fabric storage, because they're too nice to waste as backings.

This is all such a time-waster, when I could be doing other things, but I enjoyed it so much. I at last feel in control of a small portion of my stash. And I decided I'd be much happier with my material if I could gloat over it and see what I have, like Bonnie and her stash. My FQs and small pieces can stay in the drawers, but I want the long lengths stored where I can see them at a glance. I'm making plans for the perfect stash-cupboard...

I haven't achieved any sewing of late, but I've cleaned up and sorted and achieved a lot in the way of organisation, so I'm happy about that. I will be ready to go back to sewing in a few days time once I've finished the clearing up.

My flying geese quilt that I showed a few posts ago was made from 3-D flying geese; it was super easy, and the added fabric layers make it extremely warm. Check out this site for instructions; my blocks were 2" x 4" finished. I also constructed it QAYG, so it was ready to bind as soon as it was pieced. Got to love that.

AS I cleaned out boxes I discarded a lot of stuff, and then cut it into 10.5" squares for my pieced backings. Once again the lid won't fit on the box, so I guess I'd better find a bigger box, or piece another backing. I love how this is using up my ho-hum fabric; once it's pieced I quite like it again.

If you find any spelling mistakes, blame it on the Merlot, a cheeky little drop from the Hunter Valley; I don't think I'm fit to be in charge of a rotary cutter tonight....


Angie 8:49 PM  

Wow, Keryn, you have gorgeous fabrics!! Are you SURE they are for backings??? :D

Judy 6:33 AM  

The fabrics look fabulous and very tidy! I would upgrade several of them especiallt that lovely gold on the top right self!!

I do the same thing when the good fabrics hit the sale corner of my local quilt shop!

meggie 8:01 AM  

Oh oh, can I come over to pat, & fondle, & study, your stash??

I too get a lot of pleasure out of washing & ironing mine. My daughter brought some of her stash for me to pick out some of her novelty fabrics, & I washed & ironed all of hers too!

Never feel guilty at doing something you enjoy!

YankeeQuilter 6:01 PM  

I do the same thing with backing fabrics...I have a huge basket with 5-6 meter pieces in it waiting for the right quilt! I get tired just thinking about ironing all of it!

It all looks beautiful though.


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