Friday, May 18, 2007

I finished my Single Irish Chain today, and it is now residing on the bed and looking wonderful. It's even bigger than the Red Elephant quilt, it took 10 binding strips and I've never had to use that many before. It took forever to stitch the binding on, I kept running upstairs to do some more work, then back down again to sew another side. I'm sure there were 5 sides on this thing, it was never-ending.

But I'm so pleased with how it turned out, and it gives the room a new look. The Red Elephant quilt that normally lives on the bed will be folded on the quilt rack for a while, so it can have a rest.

I think our bedroom looks rather nice now, can't think of anything else to add to it, except maybe to hang some pictures on the walls. If there were more space I would have a chair and a bookshelf so I could read in comfort; I don't like reading in bed for some reason. I also loathe the whole 'breakfast-in-bed' ritual, I don't think I have ever volunteered for that. If I'm awake then I want to be up and doing stuff, not balancing plates and coffee cups and dropping toast crumbs where I don't want them.

However, I have always loved the idea of bed-jackets, like the one pictured. Perfect for lounging in bed reading and sipping tea, surely? I like to imagine that there was once a more leisurely life, where you could wear a lovely satin nightgown and a gorgeous knitted bed-jacket until bedtime, and relax and knit and dream by the fire. I love looking through all the old knitting books from the 40s and 50s, but bed-jackets always make me want to pick up the needles and the 2 ply wool....


Fiona 10:20 AM  

What a gorgeous quilt, it certainly deserves pride of place on your bed.

Helen in the UK 11:20 AM  

Fabulous quilt - the colour scheme is wonderful, soft and romantic :)

Alisa 9:16 PM  

Yes, soft and romantic... I love it! Nice work.

meggie 10:28 PM  

Beautiful soft colours. Just perfect for a bed, so restful.
Love that bedjacket pattern. My mother loved bedjackets, & reading in bed, & breakfast in bed. I never want brekky in bed...too crumby!

dot 6:36 AM  

The quilt is wonderful and looks great on the bed. Your color choices are great. I would be very proud to display and use this quilt on my bed.

Carol E. 3:03 PM  

Gorgeous quilt! I love the colors!

Patti 8:53 PM  

Your quilt is just lovely! The single Irish Chain from nine patches is one of my most favorite patterns. Congratulations on getting it finished.

Jenni 8:41 PM  

Good to see another 'finish' - it looks great. Your comment on the bed jackets made me think. I recently inherited my Nana's knitting needles (she was a serious knitter) and in it was a pattern for bedsocks that Mum and I had been looking for. It was a booklet torn out of The Australian Women's Weekly - July 5, 1972. One of the other patterns was for a lovely little bed jacket that caught my eye. Mum and I had a laugh over the caption - "Demure little shoulder cape for early-morning 'cuppas' in bed is knitted in rib pattern". It is so cute, but oh so from 'another life'.

Rose Marie 1:50 PM  

Oh, your quilt is lovely and fits your bed nicely! The colours are so relaxing.

Nancy 9:54 PM  

Your Single Irish Chain has such gentle, pleasing colors. I like how you mixed fabrics and colors, but kept similar colors throughout. Just lovely!

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