Saturday, May 05, 2007

Last night I wanted to sew a small block just for fun, so I made a little Double X block. I loved how it turned out, and would like to make 20 of these blocks. They are 9" finished, and will have 1.5" sashing, so it will only be a small quilt. Knowing me it will probably grow into another monster, but it's a delicate little block so I'd be happy to leave it as a small wallhanging or lap quilt.

With the magic of EQ6 I laid it out roughly how I want it to be, and put a few other blocks in there as well. I'm really liking the looks of this, it's rather formal and elegant. It will be quick and fun to do, and I think I will kit it up so that I can work on it when I get a spare day or two.

Debbie asked, in the comments:

"Hope this isn't received as nagging, but when you get some time, would you consider a post about how you kit-up a project? Would love to watch over your shoulder when you do this, and learn maybe some tips on this especially for a scrappy project. The hot weather coming up here in North America cries out for small and portable projects."

I've never actually thought of this as a set process, because I kit different quilts in different ways. Most of my kits are somewhat controlled in colouring, because that makes it easier to plan and cut. Totally scrap would be a bit of a challenge unless I worked with generic size strips that I have already cut.

I don't think I can do justice to this subject in a single post, so I will take photos as I kit up the Double X, and share my thoughts on the process as I go.

And this just may end up as the border for the Maverick Stars, but then again it may not. It's a tad big I think. I'm still cogitating....


Helen in the UK 3:56 AM  

Love the colours and the layout for the double X :)

QuiltingFitzy 6:18 AM  

I love the colors in the new block!! Yes, I agree the "rick-rack" part is too wide. I do like that border alot tho!

meggie 2:05 PM  

Love the double x blocks.
Perhaps the ric rac is a bit 'strong' for the stars? Does that word sound right? bold?

Finn 8:35 AM  

hi Keryn, wanted to pop over and say thank you for your very nice comments on yesterdays post. It means alot coming from you..*VBS*
I'm not sure what I will 'do', if anything. Maybe having stated my disappointment, I can just go forward. Time will tell I guess. I felt somebody had to say it, sooner or later. Thank you for the positive support.
I LOVE your Maverick Star, I scrolled down to find the full shot of the top, and I think your lattice is inspired! I've done piano keys as lattice, but never the little squares and never double!! Totally wonderful top!
Hugs, Finn
Love the double X blocks too, it will make a fine quilt.

Saska 8:44 AM  

Love your maverick stars...and the border...looks really great!

bingo~bonnie 7:52 PM  

I think your boarder you have started for your Maverick Stars is PERFECT!!! I like the same red on both sides and do not think that it is too big or wide. I say go with it girl!!!! :c)

I just love these dark colors set against that sky blue! Perfect!!!~Bonnie in SE Texas

bingo~bonnie 7:54 PM  

PS - are you just using the 12 blocks you had made and shown or did you decide to add another row???

Carol E. 9:12 PM  

I love that border!

Tazzie 6:34 PM  

Love the stars and the border. My special favourite is the blue you've used in the stars and the border. It's so unexpected, and entirely wonderful!

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