Sunday, May 27, 2007

I needed a break from the computer, so I hopped in the car and drove a few miles out of town to a plant nursery. We have been going there for the last 22 years and it's hardly changed a bit. I love walking among the corridors of plants and dreaming of what I could do with a bigger block of land. Palms. fruit trees, flowering shrubs, hibiscus, more herbs, and of course the roses! The air was heavy with their perfume, it was a lovely interlude. And I was sensible and bought nothing, but I truly hate being sensible sometimes. I think I'm going to go back and get myself a rose; it's less than the price of a bunch of flowers, and will give me a whole lot more pleasure as I watch it grow, even if I have to grow it in a pot.

The palms make fascinating patterns of light and shade. I loved the basket weave effect of the new fronds emerging. So much inspiration all around.

I have a thing for Hawaii print fabric. In the 60s my oldest brother had a silk shirt printed with rolling surf, palm trees and dusky maidens, and I thought it was sooo elegant. I was 6 years old! What did I know? I badgered my family for years to let me buy them Hawaiin shirts. They wouldn't, spoilsports.

I have loads of fabric, in the most amazing colourways, of island-themed images. I have been collecting it for years, for something I call my Escape Quilt. I imagine it will be a Ruth MacDowell type quilt, with a bit of patchwork and and a panel of scenery. I don't feel any pressure to actually make it just yet, I'm still collecting ideas and thoughts.

It's not that I want to live on a tropical island; I've had enough of the tropics with it's humidity and bugs and endless summer. It's just the Idea of escaping, if you know what I mean, and being separated from the workaday life. Would you have to do dishes or vaccuum on a tropical island?

I also loved those old Hollywood movies set on tropical islands, which is probably where I got all the imagery from in the first place. Of course they were in black and white, and I was pleased to find this monotone print at an op-shop.

My Dad flew bombers in the Islands during the war, and his photos were fascinating to us kids. And I have all Thor Heyerdahl's books on his Pacific Island expeditions.

Just don't ask me to go there!


Anonymous,  9:55 PM  

I love the idea of an 'escape' quilt!

meggie 2:21 AM  

I know just what you mean, about the 'idea' of the Island & all. The stifling heat & humidity are the reality, but from a wonderful airconditioned cinema... well the image is just so irresistable!

And, somehow, a nice image to have on a winter's night all snuggled under tropical scenery!

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