Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm in a quilting mood, so I dragged out one of the projects I'm part-way through and spent a day marking the quilting lines for the next step. Of course I had help. I know I should be very cross with Bob for beating up on my quilt, but he's just so funny all I can do is pick up the camera and laugh. He's such a staid gentleman normally, it's hysterical to see Bad Bob in action. It's like watching a cart-horse gambol about in the paddock, very ponderous and unexpected.

Oh he had help too, a partner in crime, but she's behind the quilt giving him cheek and pushing his buttons. I'm not nearly as tolerant of Squeak...

This quilt is Enormous, another huge one. I obviously went through a BIG phase, and I'm still dealing with finishing the monsters. It does look nice on the bed though, and seeing as Wimbledon is coming up I may just hand quilt the blocks in this while I watch my tennis. Just a simple outline, and maybe a motif in the square. Only 61 blocks, wouldn't take long... All the blocks are already ditch-stitched, and the sashing quilted with double lines.

If I can get the borders quilted before then I would be happy, I could manhandle the thing in the hoop without any of the layers shifting then. It's definitely a Plan.


tami 7:33 PM  

I just love the way kitties play. It's hard to get mad at them when they are so cute.

atet 1:00 AM  

Sounds like a good plan too. It is hard to be mad at kitties when they are being so cute isn't it?

meggie 2:47 PM  

Beautiful shiny cat!

kelley 9:33 PM  

I love Bad Bob! nothing better than watching cats make a game out of nothing...

Tonya Ricucci 5:41 AM  

What a sweetie boy. He reminds me of my big orange and white kitty Habibi who is incredibly slothful (until chasing his brother around loudly at 5am).

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