Friday, August 03, 2007

I have had one of those busy weeks where I worked madly for days and it all had to be finished and posted on Friday. I made it to the Post Office at 2 minutes to 5, with DS lugging in all the parcels while the mail van waited with it's engine running. I couldn't have cut it any finer, but it all got away on time and now I get to have two days off. I refuse to do any more work this weekend, except for a few minor chores. I deserve some time off.

Amazingly, when I'm so busy filling orders I often get a lot of sewing done, as I have to wait around and tend to the printer, which is handily located in the sewing room. So I pulled out this project from last year, and made more of the blocks and put the border on. It still took a mammoth effort, but it has freed up another container and now I want to kit up something else and fill the box with pieces again. It's perpetual scrapping at it's best.
The colour in the first photo is correct, the others are a bit greyed out. I MUST work out how to use the settings on my camera better, so I can correct things as I take the photos. I just never seem to have the time somehow.I like the border, it's just a bit unusual for me. I get sick of just putting the same sort of borders round things, so this was a nice little change, and added something to the overall look. Again, it's a large single bed size, so I'm being good about limiting the quilts to more manageable sizes.

At night time I have been knitting on my socks. The pink pair are for a friend, so I had to start another pair for me straight away. I found this sock wool at Spotlight (cheap fabric chain) for only $3.99 a ball, and I loved the colours. The magenta mix will be socks for DD.

However, it's the most disgusting stuff to knit, I had to start the toe three times because the wool is so splitty and hard to see on the needles. I was having such a dreadful time with it I seriously thought of chucking it away! Then I tried the thing on. It's sooo lovely to wear that I have decided to persevere, and will even struggle through the socks for DD, but I don't know if I will get any more. It's not a pleasure to knit these things, with such a fine gauge and so many difficulties. I am getting an Ott Light, and a magnifier, so maybe they will at least let me see what I am doing. But it's definitely not the sort of mindless knitting to do while watching TV. It takes concentration.And finally, one of my pictures from my stay on the farm at Bell. An old tree stump had been weathered into this art form over many years. It's looks like a grotesque flower.



mereth 6:11 PM  

It's wortj clicking on that photo of a stump to see it in more detail, it's amazing.It definitely qualifies as a piece of sculpture.
Like the different border on that quilt, it adds just enough contrast to the blocks.

QuiltMom 1:41 PM  

Hi Keryn,
What a fabulous picture of the stump- thank you for telling me what it was as I am sure that I would not have known.
Your quilt is lovely- I love the way the blocks are like little rainbows of color.
Regards from a Western Canadian quilter,

meggie 3:59 PM  

I love the quilt! Everything about it.
And that stump is just amazing.

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