Sunday, August 05, 2007

Yesterday I did my good deed for the week and drove my daughter's car out to her place, about 3 hours away. On her last visit home some little weevil broke the window and snatched her things from inside, and she had to go home with a friend while repairs were arranged.

It was a lovely drive out, on a beautiful mild, sunny day. I spent three hours with my darling girl, and we visited the botanic gardens as a little outing. The railway bridge spans the entrance to the gardens, and that's the Nogoa river. It's still very dry out there, but most of the gardens are still alive. This bamboo seems to survive no matter what.I love the curved verandah roof of the railway station.

I then caught the bus back to town. It was a nightmare trip. There was a fatal accident that closed the highway for three hours, and it's rather sobering to be waiting by a crash scene for that amount of time, while the emergency vehicles and helicopters ferry out the injured. The behaviour of some of the passengers was disgusting, as if the biggest tragedy was the delay to their plans. Some people are so shallow.

I knitted a sock to keep me busy, and got the whole foot done so I at least achieved something. I walked home from the bus station, as it's only a few blocks, had some tea and slept for 11 hours. My long workdays are catching up with me, I was sooo tired. I feel much better today, and have already sewed together 6 blocks of a quilt I started in March. Sewing puts my world to rights.
Don't know which I prefer.....
Meggie in one of her posts told about hearing a woman's life story in the dentist's waiting room. I love collecting strange comments, I adore overhearing conversations. Recently when I was trying on clothes in a boutique the sales assistant came past asking if anyone needed help.

'I'm not having any luck at all with these pants' sighed the woman in the cubicle next to mine.

'Do you need another size?' the assistant asked.

'No dear, it's not that. I have a most unfortunate fork; I've been plagued with it my whole life.'

I had the most amazing mental images after this revelation, including a harassed woman being prodded by a fork with all the tines bent into curlicues. I know what she meant, but I had NO desire to picture the shortcomings of her crotch either. In all my born days I don't think I would ever form that sentence in my mind and say it to another person.

This is a top I discovered and decided to photograph for the record. It's about 5 years old, and will go into the Waiting To Be Quilted pile. One of these days I'm going to actually count the tops, but not yet. It will shock me. I do love pink and navy, went through quite a phase of pink and navy quilts. So antique.
And then when I was clearing out more containers I found a pile of shirting strips and decided to make these tiny babies - 5" finished. Mereth knows exactly what they are going to be set into....


Helen in the UK 1:02 AM  

Love the scrappy blocks and prefer the top layout. The pink/navy top is great too - particularly love that one of the blocks has a 4patch centre, took me by surprise when I spotted it :)

Fiona 1:04 AM  

I am genuinely laughing out loud - the quote from the woman in the changing room is so funny. I'm reading this at 9.00 in the moring - it's great to start the day with a laugh.

Sew Create It - Jane 3:30 AM  

ROFLOL...a fork?!!! I've never heard THAT before...
I love your split nice patch and if casting a vote, would vote for the top layout...somehow it sings a bit more. Love the navy and pink..a combination I wouldn't have considered before, but will keep on record for future inspiration. TTFN and thanks for the laugh!

molly 8:36 PM  

It's nice to have something to put your world to rights when it gets discombobbled. Sewing does it for me too....I like the first arrangement of your blocks.

Joyce 6:12 AM  

I laughed and laughed at the comment from the woman in the changing room. Acually, I'm still laughing. Who knew people had forks???? I like the top layout better for some reason. Not sure why.

meggie 2:19 PM  

I, too am still laughing at the Fork! As Joyce says, who knew?
And I prefer the top layout too, & also, am not quite sure why!

Lynda (Granny K) 5:31 AM  

Everyone has said it for me already! No 1 version gets my vote, LOVE the pink and navy and goodness knows where my fork is?!

Quilts And Pieces 8:48 PM  

YOur pink and blue top is wonderful! I"ve got tops started with those colors/fabrics. Someday I may finish them!

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