Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mereth and I have signed up for Tonya's online class. Should be great fun. I'm looking to make something a bit different from my usual traditional quilts, and it should be fun to do it as an online course. I'm terrible in workshops; I don't like sewing without my usual setup, and I always want the bit of fabric I didn't bring, and I get distracted way too easily. This should be fun. To start with we have to research our favourite quilts, find out just why we like them so much; should be a thought-provoking exercise.

My rearranging is making it hard to sew, so there isn't a lot of progress on anything to report. Except an awful lot of cleaning and dusting and boring stuff like that. The bulb in my machine flickered and died last week, and of course it's not a conventional machine globe so I couldn't replace it with one of my spares. I didn't get over to the sewing machine shop until Tuesday, which meant I could sew, but wouldn't be able to see what I was doing or properly enjoy it. For mindless sewing I grabbed my box of 10.5" squares and sewed them all into pairs, ready for the next time I want a pieced backing. Now to press them and sew most of them into four-patches..I was rummaging in the orphan drawer this afternoon and found two of these blocks. I really liked piecing them, and I have another one cut out; I think I just didn't have enough time to do exacting blocks when I started them. The problem now is, I can't remember how I did them. My organisational skills let me down there! I suppose I can measure the size of the cut pieces and hope that it's accurate. They'll be strange sizes, because this is a 12" block, and they aren't equal divisions along the edge. Oh well, it will be a challenge, when I get round to doing it.
I'm enjoying my garden, the azaleas are lovely. I think they are my favourite flower after roses. This one is called Candlelight, I love the pale pink and white, so pretty.I've been struggling to write this post all day, and things kept interrupting. And I still have homework to do for Tonya. Guess I'd better get busy feeding the family, and then do my quilt study.


Chookyblue...... 3:41 AM  

have fun with the online tutorial......

Joyce 5:49 AM  

Enjoy your class. I have done her letters from her tutorial on her blog and it's so much fun. Great way to use up scraps too!

Donna 8:05 AM  

interesting orphan block -- when I looked I thought it was 4 square blocks set together into a 12" block -- making each of those 16 squares 3" square.... Then each of those 16 blocks is a little different, but look like you could do a relatively easy breakdown of them.... I'm sure that's NOT how the block is in fact constructed, but would let you figure sizes....

Quilts And Pieces 8:31 AM  

Gorgeous fabrics and block tho - you'll figure it out!

meggie 7:57 PM  

Enjoy your tutorial!
I do admire that block, but it looks too complicated for my missing maths skills!

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