Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's taking me a while to get back into things after my weekend away. I seem to have lost momentum, and I've been doing lots of little unrelated jobs instead of tackling any of the huge ones. Still, I've kept moving, which is half the struggle; things are being accomplished.

I found another basket of strips and offcuts from a pink and brown Roman Stripe I did a few years ago. I should have cut them up as soon as I finished the top, but of course they were just hidden in a drawer to deal with later. This piece is around 8" x 17" and will fit into my Orphan block quilt somehow. Another basket empty.
Then there is another sock finish. This is just lovely to wear, but now I have to knit the other one. I gritted my teeth and cast on last night, and managed to finish the toe before bedtime, so it's all ready for several nights of mindless knitting. I seem to have adjusted to the splitty wool, it's not as difficult as it was, so I should enjoy finishing this one and wearing it in the small amount of cold weather left to us. We've had a cold snap this week, and soft rain, just my sort of weather.

This is the copy of the antique quilt that Mereth referred to in her August 5th post. Jenni at Fairybread Quilts should love the pink setting squares; she's just topped up her stash with new pink fabrics. In the original quilt the setting material was closer to a red, from what I could see of the unfaded seam allowances, but I had nothing approaching that colour so I went with pink. It needs some more quilting, so I have been trying to get that completed before I pack up my sewing room for a major reshuffle. Sometimes I just love moving furniture around, but my back's aching at the thought of moving my sewing desk. Still, it will be a great new set-up when I'm finished.

And the last photo? I was debating whether or not to toss out a pile of 1" strips; after all, what could be made from them! This is an Hourglass block that has a finished size of 1"; those are 1/2" HSTs there. Is that TOOO small or what? Hmmm, still haven't tossed those strips.....


Quilts And Pieces 12:46 PM  

Love that quilt you showed from Mereth's post. And I love your little block - that is pretty small!

Andrea 3:24 PM  

I fell in love with that feathered cross quilt that Mereth showed and so it is great to see this quilt too. That tiny block is so cute.

meggie 5:42 PM  

Well, that blue just steals your heart doesn't it? Who could throw that away?
The feathery pink quilt is lovely.

mereth 8:09 PM  

Hmm, I think it's MY turn to accuse YOU of insanity!!! What are you thinking of?
Mind you, I have a teeny stash of 1" strips, but I was going to make applique stems from them, which is much more sensible that piecing blocks....

Jenni 7:31 AM  

Ooh yes I do love it. I've started sewing the 4patches to the pink setting squares, and I'm looking forward to seeing it finished.

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