Thursday, August 16, 2007

I was good today, I made the bindings for two small quilts and got them finished at last. I'm working my way through the pile slowly but steadily. Four quilts bound in a week is pretty good going.

Then I finished the quilting on a small wholecloth, and washed it. It's drying on the rack now, hopefully it will be dry by tomorrow afternoon, when I leave to teach a workshop in the town where my DD lives. I'll be teaching 15 ladies how to mark and quilt their own little wholecloth quilts. Should be fun. I get to stay with DD, so we will have a nice get-together over the two days I'll be there.This is a little wholecloth I made for a magazine article; it's hanging in the LQS.

And just when I thought I'd unearthed all my old projects, there's this. I started this in 1994, and it's been slow going. I'm not an applique person, it's not that I don't like it, or can't do it, it's just that it's never captured my attention for very long. I am doing these with the needleturn method, and while I like it there always seem to be other things that are more interesting. Maybe I can treat this like a BOM and do the other 5 blocks between now and Christmas. The pattens are in the box, and the material is all basted to the background and ready to start; I'll have to bribe myself to work on these because I do like the finished effect and it will be lovely to quilt. The impromptu sashing is the binding strips I'd just cut for the other quilt, but I have plenty of material if I want to do the sashing with it.

I've just remembered another applique quilt I started, in red and green for a Christmas quilt; gak, wouldn't have a clue where that is. I obviously haven't reached the back of the cupboards yet....


Jenni 5:52 AM  

You're really powering through the UFOs - good for you. I finished one then promptly started a new quilt! Hopeless.

MARCIE 7:12 AM  

These are very pretty blocks, and the sashing fabric looks great with them. I really need to work on needleturn. I have been doing the freezerpaper and glue stick thing.

meggie 5:09 PM  

I dislike doing needleturn applique because it is so slow. I like the end result, & have used it for some things.
That looks lovely quilting on the wholecloth. And that fabric does suit the applique.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum 6:10 AM  

4 bound in a week!! Wonderful...and I am not buying as many mags anymore either, once you can have such good stuff at your fingertips on the net, some of the mags look pretty stale...and don't interact! Tracey

Anonymous,  11:50 PM  

What a lovely blog you have. Love your quilts and so nice you and your twin have the same hobby.
My twin sews vertical blinds so she is sick of sewing at home.
You twins were very naughty at school. We still got mixed up as they didn't know which name was which. I'll definately be back.

Quilts And Pieces 10:09 AM  

Oh have fun teaching the small whole cloth quilt and seeing your DD! I totally understand about the applique blokcs. I have some I started and love, but I just always seem to find something else to do!

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