Saturday, September 01, 2007

Well there was this, a checkerboard of leftover scraps from another quilt.And yet more scraps came to light.
And my friend Suzy saw the checkerboard and said 'Why don't you make a doll quilt?' And that's all it took.Once it was in one piece I found a remnant for the backing, and a scrap of cotton batting Exactly the right size, and basted it ready for hand quilting. I have been jealous of all those other bloggers, like Mary and Tonya, making small hand-quilted quilts. So now I have one of my own to stitch on while I watch The US Open each night.

Even the fact that I emptied three bobbins of scrap thread piecing it, and the dregs of two reels of thread basting it, pleases me inordinately. What a scrappy project from start to finish. I even have a partial reel of quilting thread to use up on it.

I am trying so hard to not obsess over whether it's perfectly pieced and the colours are balanced and the edges straight. I really want this to look like someone cobbled it together for her child, in between chores. Well I did it between chores, but it's for Me.

The blue bit just demanded to be there, and while my sensible side wailed 'But it's a pink and brown quilt!' some other voice said 'Just use it.' I do remember making patchwork for my daughter's dolls, sewing bits together on the machine while she stood next to me and ordered 'Put that there. Not there! I want it like this...' Not only was my real child bossy and opinionated, it seems my inner child is too.


Joyce 10:56 AM  

I like the totally scrappy random look. Why is it so satisfying to use up the little bit left on a spool of thread for basting or sewing up a scrap quilt?

Gypsy Quilter 12:08 PM  

I really, really like it. And if you're very unhappy with the blue when you're done, well then, it can come on over and live on my wall. I won't mind a bit.

Donna 12:54 PM  

its good to stretch gently... its a beautiful project

mereth 1:52 PM  

I love it! I especially like the blue which stops it from being too dull and co-ordinated. Oh, I want to make something liddle and pretty now...

Mary Johnson 1:55 PM  

It looks so cute and I love the blue, it's unexpected.

I kept telling myself when I was making mine that since doll quilts were traditionally made by children learning to quilt mine would look authentic. My hand quilting was really rusty but in the end I was so proud of how the quilt turned out.

I can't wait to make another one.

Tonya Ricucci 5:18 PM  

It's marvelous. I'm glad you included that touch of blue, it adds some unpredictability. glad you're inner child is bossy.

Helen 8:40 PM  

It's great! I'm with you on the satisfaction of using up leftovers, including the thread. yesterday I was sewing with some thread that had very little left on the spool. When it ran out I had about 6 inches of bobbin thread left. Perfect! Now how do I get that to happen again?

Sweet P 11:05 PM  

What a beautiful little quilt. A great way to use up blocks and strips and thread.

meggie 8:36 AM  

We all need to pander to our inner child now & then! I love that little quilt... I have just the doll who needs it!lol.

Anonymous,  5:19 PM  


I just love the latest quilt as I do all of your quilts. I hope you don't mind but I have started a quilt after seeing one of yours It is the one from your 28 of March entry. I really liked it and couldn't get it out of my head. I am making it in blue's for my brother.

sewprimitive karen 5:22 AM  

Oh, I LOVE the doll quilt, it is so darling.

Patti 1:44 AM  

Wounded wing checking in - finally able to catch up on my blog reading since I can't sew. As usual you and your sister have been busy doing wonderful things. The doll quilt craze certainly has hit blogland - and no wonder. All these little quilts are truly amazing. What wonderful creations are lurking inside a drawer of scraps. A sculptor may say "the stone told me what it was to be and I just chipped away the parts that weren't supposed to be there." A quilter can say "the scraps in that drawer told me what they wanted to be as I sewed them together. All I did was listen to what they told me". And you listened well - it's a lovely little quilt.

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