Friday, September 21, 2007

This is the way we will drive, taking 5 days to do a very leisurely 2200 km. We could do it easily in 3 days, but why hurry? We would like to see a few sights along the way, and not feel like we have to go tearing through the countryside. I like driving, in good weather conditions, so hopefully we'll have pleasant weather for our little jaunt.

It's so HOT! It's as if summer has arrived already, not nice when we are working hard cleaning and carting stuff around. But we are nearly finished. It's all good. And check out Mereth's blog for the results of our sewing spree this morning.

DD and partner are arriving tonight, so we will have a good get-together, and the rest of the house will be cleared out tomorrow. The things I regret leaving most are my plants, but that can't be helped; my new house has a darling garden as well, so I will settle in there. It has been a little neglected, so I will have a nice time putting it all to rights.

I will not regret being without

  • cockroaches
  • mosquitoes
  • 100% humidity
  • summers that last 9 months, with the above mentioned humidity
  • spiders that I can Hear running across the floor towards me
  • geckos; I love geckos, but they are v. messy house-guests
  • mildew
  • being 7 hours away from a major city
  • mango trees trying to grow in through my windows
  • fruit bats
  • no screens on windows or doors
  • grasshoppers, furry caterpillars, moths, sandflies.
I will miss my family of course, but they are all growed up now and they know where I am when they want to come see me. And I do love Queensland, so I will be back to teach and to visit. I just have other things to do first.


Donna 11:20 PM  

safe travels

meggie 7:00 AM  

Another chapter of your life begins. I am glad you are doing this for you. I am sure you will be happy.

Chookyblue...... 7:45 AM  

oh that goes near my place I think.....please call in....

Lynda (Granny K) 8:35 AM  

Bon voyage! Have a great trip. How exciting to be moving, good luck in your new home. What an adventure!

Anonymous,  8:45 AM  

:::lifting glass:::
Here's to a safe trip and new beginnings!

I want to wish you luck. However, you have talent, so there's no need for luck.

Sheila in Ohio

Kieny The Dutchlady 1:37 PM  

Have a save trip and good luck in your new home!

Mary Johnson 4:41 PM  

That stack of boxes makes me so glad I'm not moving again for a bit!

It sounds like you have exciting plans and how nice to be living near Mereth. I have 3 sisters but we're very spread out from Minnesota, to Virginia, Maryland, and Florida. I'm looking forward to seeing 2 of them this weekend.

I hope the good bits of this move outweighs the sad.

YankeeQuilter 4:39 AM  

That is a heck of a list of things not to miss! Spiders you can hear! I'd have packed a long time ago...

Good luck with your trip!

Joyce 10:20 PM  

Have a safe trip. It looks like you could just open boxes and start up a quilt store! I wouldn't miss the things on your list either. Nice to be so close to your sister now.

sewprimitive karen 8:21 AM  

If I get to move, I'll be leaving behind several of the things on your list as well, and I would like to say good-bye to them for sure!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum 10:27 AM  

Oh what trouble/fun the two of you can get up to now!
Safe travelling and best of luck with the new start, Tracey

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