Monday, September 17, 2007

In case you've never seen an Australian Magpie, this is the fellow that kept trying to drive us away. They take baby birds from the nest, so other birds hate them. We were vastly entertained by the antics of a feisty Willy-wagtail, who kept harassing the magpie. I did try to get a photo, but the wagtail was far too quick. They are lovely little birds, dapper in black and white plumage, and very cheerful and courageous.

It doesn't look like the magpie was bothered much by the attacks though.These are a few detail shots of my pink sateen wholecloth. It's impossibly thick and heavy, and very old and stained, but still beautiful. It's all handstitched, out of 18" wide fabric; if I had to date it I would say middle 1800s.
There isn't a binding on this quilt, just the edges turned in and stitched together. It's holding up surprisingly well for it's age.


meggie 8:50 AM  

It seems incredible that the quilting on that is all hand done.
What true artistry.

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