Thursday, September 27, 2007

The details are getting a bit blurred now, we have seen a lot of countryside go by. This lovely avenue of tree was somewhere in the Stanthorpe area we think. We should have labelled all our pictures. I don't know what sort of tree they are, but in leaf they would look spectacular.
There were some nice splashes of green in the fields, and even little clouds in the sky, but it never looked like rain.
There were lots and lots and lots of hills, and the car made heavy work of going upwards for long stretches at a time. (It couldn't have been all the stuff in the back of the car that weighed us down, surely). It's sad to be overtaken by caravans when going uphill.....
We climbed quite a way.
And went down the other side.

Rinse and repeat.....
until we hit the plains on the other side.

Mereth wants me to mention that she took all these photos from a car moving at 100k an hour, and thus they are pretty good, considering. Yes, but it was MY camera!


comicbooklady 9:24 PM  

Lovely pics! I do love a road trip, especially if someone else is driving!

Joyce 9:43 PM  

Your pics make me want to take a road trip when we go to Australia in Feb. We are a bit hesitant about driving on the opposite side of the road and I suppose it will be very hot in Feb. We'll see.

Donna 7:43 AM  

what lovely countryside. Makes me long to visit...

meggie 6:02 PM  

We have been told that Stanhope has a near perfect climate. NO humidity??

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