Monday, September 10, 2007

Tami asked what pattern I used for my socks; it's this one, from Wendyknits, adjusted to have more stitches for the finer wool I was using. I had 78 stitches ( and size 1 needles) instead of the 60 that the pattern quotes. Wendy is such a prolific knitter and designer, she puts my meagre efforts to shame. She must knit constantly.

Making more letters. Can't Stop. Someone send coffee.... Oh and feed the cats for me too please!


mereth 6:46 PM  

mmm....I'll swap you an 'h' for a 'S'.That browny green just looked like camouflage stuff when we dyed it, and it makes the nicest letters, who would have guessed?

Donna 10:16 PM  

love that top left S -- the angle of the centre of it matches the angle cut at the end of the pen strokes so well. It looks like it was fun to make

Quiltdivajulie 11:10 PM  

My favorite so far is the top left S... great angles! But for me it would be "send hot tea and feed the cats" :-)

Katie 12:45 PM  

Sending coffee and cat food. Aren't they fun to make? You have some great letters going!

Joyce 9:29 PM  

Your S's turned out really well. I like all the variety you got. Wonky letters are certainly messy but so much fun! I tried to do the degrees thing on this comment and the whole comment disappeared! I 'll have to try it on Word and see what happens.

meggie 4:35 PM  

Your letters all look fun.
I guess it does us all good to 'lose a little control' now & then! haha.

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