Sunday, September 02, 2007

I really did need to do some sewing this weekend, and the box with these pieces was the closest, so I sewed all 25 together on a rainy Saturday afternoon. I love being at my sewing machine while the rain is pattering down and the light is soft and grey. Perfect sewing weather.
I sewed them in only two sessions, chain piecing, and once I'd done the final seam I put them in a pile to iron later. Which accounts for my surprise when I opened up this block - What The Hey? I could have left it as my humility block. but it took seconds to unpick and resew. I guess I'm lucky there was only the one.

I needed to get a sewing fix because my machine is going in for a service this week, first one in three years, so it's a bit overdue. I will be able to sew on one of my other machines, but the choice of sewing is limited. I know better than to work on a project started on another machine, as 1/4" seams are never the same from machine to machine. I might have to start something new, or do some paper piecing where the seam width isn't important. Or both - start a new paper pieced project!

I began quilting the Roman Stripe quilt, and got all the ditch-stitching on the borders done, and the outline of the blocks. Now it's a matter of filling in the blocks, but I can't do any more till the machine gets back from the shop. I've been very good down-sizing my possessions and getting it all organised, so I gave in and bought a little treat as a reward for my hard work. These arrived last week, (O Amazon, thou dost tempt me beyond reason!) and I have spent some lovely afternoons skimming through them. The socks look utterly intriguing, some very unusual styles of working.And I'm off on another trip to Sydney next week, to Kaye's place for a gathering of machine quilters. I've been too busy to look forward to it yet, but as it gets closer I'm enjoying the prospect of a few days away with some of my favourite people. Mereth is coming up from South Australia, and then up here for a little holiday. We will have a great time.

And Nicola and blogless Kathy don't need to be jealous, because Mereth and I will be over in West Australia in November for another machine quilters get-together. Air travel has been ridiculously cheap lately, so we might as well take advantage of that. Makes this wide brown land seem just a little more accessible.


Harmany Quilting 6:19 PM  

Well blogless Kathy isn't jealous BECAUSE SHES GOING. Rhubarb, rhubarb. Am I jealous? Yes.

Chookyblue...... 7:50 PM  

lost my first have a fab time away with Mereth at Kaye's........

Helen in the UK 11:08 PM  

Love the new blocks :)

Libby 6:50 AM  

Oooh I really love the borders on that roman stripe!

Kieny The Dutchlady 12:23 PM  

I love that roman stripe. Amazon is so tempting isn't it?

Meredith 1:58 AM  

I just saw the quilts in a material world in deleware. It was lovely. I hope yopu enjoy the book.

meggie 8:24 AM  

Have a lovely time!
jealousy is very unattractive, so I wont show you mine!

YankeeQuilter 7:33 PM  

Getting togeher with sisters is great isn't it! Have fun.

Shelina 9:28 AM  

You certainly are productive with these blocks. The roman stripe quilt looks great - so colorful.
I hope you have a wonderful time in West Australia.

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