Friday, September 21, 2007

Do you like what I've done with my sewing room?
This is why I have been so busy, why my sewing is inaccessible, why my life is in such upheaval. Things have happened that I have no intention of talking about on the blog; suffice to say a new chapter of my life is starting. It's sad and exciting and overwhelming and good and bad, all at once.Yesterday was Phase1, the removal of the furniture and effects. They pretty well packed the half-container to the gills. We had to laugh when they went to shut the doors and couldn't, necessitating a bit of a reshuffle. We have so been there and done that.

Phase 2 will be the clean-up, and the discovery of things that I meant to pack and didn't. Hopefully that won't be too catastrophic. Phase 3 will be leaving to drive to my new town. Mereth and I are hoping to have a nice little road trip, without any elements of Thelma and Louise or National Lampoon's Road Trip. At the gathering an older quilter, who had never seen the movie, commented that we were doing a Thelma and Louise, then added 'But that ended badly didn't it?' Uh....Yeh! Didn't start too well either.

My Gammil Statler is on order, soon to be delivered to my new home, which co-incidentally is half a mile away from Mereth. I will use the town as a home base, and travel to teach both locally and interstate. Maybe even in the US. Mereth will set up a machine quilting business, and teach workshops locally. There are irons in fires all over the place.

Today we are feeling quite weary, so a mini-retreat has been scheduled. I still have my scraps from the letters I was piecing, and two machines and an iron. We may be sleeping on mattresses on the floor, but we have the basics we need to keep on sewing. We will make a few more letters and let the kinks in the back muscles work themselves out.

If you've ever wondered how much material you actually have, moving is a great way to find out. Try writing 'Material' or 'Fabric' on 31 boxes and it becomes obvious. This is the bulk of it, apart from FQs, UFOs and various bits that have been used as packing in other boxes.
Interestingly enough, I had more boxes marked 'Books'. It seems I have an even bigger problem with paper than I have with fabric. But I am entirely unrepentant about that!


tirane93 9:38 AM  

strength, happiness and success to you in this new chapter! show off your new sewing room to us when (if!) you get all those boxes unpacked!

julieQ 10:24 AM  

I am going through a similar thing, suffice it to say that you have people caring about you everywhere. Best of luck and most happiness always to you!

Paula, the quilter 10:43 AM  

You shouldn't feel guilty about have the fabric either. Keep on, keeping on.

Hedgehog 2:55 PM  

Good luck with the move and with all those irons in the fire. Hope you're able to unpack all that fabric soon - it will be like Christmas to discover what you've got!

Chookyblue...... 3:18 PM  

take care......hope everything is OK and goes well for you moving onto your next chater in life.........oh and to be sewing with Mereth inmagine how much material will go thru the machines now you will be together.........

meggie 4:42 PM  

It sounds like a good move on a lot of levels. Drooling at all that fabric, but not jealous. At least you get results. Hope it all goes well for you Keryn.

antique quilter 5:36 PM  

Its wonderful that you will live that close to mereth
and a Long arm machine too! Wow....
good luck and look forward to seeing your new sewing room and quilts made by you again soon
kathie in nj

Anonymous,  8:36 PM  

Best Wishes Keryn and safe travels to both you and Mereth.
It takes a lot of courage to close doors and open new ones.

Anonymous,  8:37 PM  

Thanks for changing the settings so we non-bloggers can comment.Sounds like you and Meredith are in need of rest and relaxation. Hope the trip will be uneventful, and that you take lots of photos on the way. Goodluck in your new venture, and the next phase of your life.

Donna 10:17 PM  

packing, moving, setting up, grieving -- all are hard work. Be as kind to yourself in the midst of this as you can, and know that one day it will be all in the past

Maddie Can Fly 12:56 AM  

I had the same problem with boxes of books and fabrics. My movers (nephews) told me I needed to "sew more and read less" Good luck to you!

Shelina 4:16 AM  

I wish you much success and happiness in the new chapter in your life. It looks like you are moving towards progress rather than running away so it's a good thing. Your wonky letters look great. I especially like the S for good reason. :)

Anonymous,  10:04 AM  

Good luck with the new beginning! I hope all goes well for you. Looking forward to more sewing tales. Tracy

sewprimitive karen 11:30 PM  

The fabric bins look very nice, not like too much at all. And it is a good thing to have lots of books. Best of Good Luck on your new location. I'm wondering what your new place is like.

Jenni 4:49 PM  

I don't blame you for leaving the Queensland weather behind. I'm just moaning about how hot it feels. Hope your trip was safe, and your new life happy. I will be nice to be close to your sister.

Anonymous,  12:16 PM  

I have been longarmin for five years and just ordered a Gammill Optimum Statler Sticher on Monday in Southern California. I'm so excited and excited for you too. I can't wait to order some of you and your sister's patterns!

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