Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I was sewing happily away last night, making M & m s when my machine suddenly jammed. It took me a while to free the bobbin from a snarl of thread, and then I saw with horror two pieces of the bobbin case laying broken. Nooooooooo! It's my Elna Lotus, and it will have to go in to be fixed now; who ever heard of having two machines in the shop at once? Luckily I have my Bernina and an old Singer as backups for the backup machine, but I'm still not amused. I've never broken a machine before, I feel terrible.

And I was having such fun too, before the little incident. I really like using scrap strips for the letters, very random and interesting. Woo Hoo, look at me being all spontaneous and unpredictable......I saw the broken machine as an indication that I should actually be getting ready for my trip away, so I dutifully went and did some chores and packed my case. I have a dream of getting on a plane one day with just a little case of clothes; no books and pattern packs and rolled pantographs and catalogues and quilts. I'm tired of being a pack horse. I want to swan around like I'm on holiday for a change; not going to happen this trip.What mess?

I gave in and tidied up the strips, couldn't leave it like that while I was away. Remind me to clean the floor too......


Helen in the UK 7:51 PM  

So sorry to hear about your machine - hope it is fixed soon.
Love the letter you are making - the choice of fabrics is wonderful. Great job :)

Joyce 9:11 PM  

As fun as they are, those letters are certainly messy to make. I like your plain brow M the best.

mereth 9:56 PM  

I'm feeling guilty I haven't finished my letters, I've got 17 done so far, but had to catch the bus. I love the m's. I might make Matt and Mac "M" quilts.

Donna 10:09 PM  

too bad re the machine -- hope it doesn't take too long (or too many $'s) to fix. Your letter are looking great!

Mary Johnson 9:59 AM  

The letters look great. You and Mereth are having way too much fun with them. I like the word games.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum 7:31 PM  

Yes, those letters are addictive...and don't worry, my whole sewing room is covered with "that" flooring! tracey

sewprimitive karen 12:20 AM  

Hope you can get your machine safely back home quickly. Great photo of the floor :-) and as Mary says, the word games are great.

atet 2:20 AM  

Ooooh, those letters are great and the mess -- it will be there to clean up later!

meggie 8:12 AM  

One thing about mess...if you dont clear it up, it will just quietly wait for you! haha.
That is why I have a backup machine, plus a backup backup machine. GOM just doesn't understand the theory! So I gave the backup backup away! Hope I dont regret it.

Chookyblue...... 3:25 PM  

what is with all the letters???? How many of the same one do you have to make.......oh and the floor well as soon as you return it will take 5 mins sewing and will look like that again........have a wonderful time away with Mereth and Kaye..........(and Kaye's dh)

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