Friday, September 28, 2007

There was a lot of this after we got onto the Mid Western Highway. The Newell highway was very pretty, and such a good road. We turned off it with a pang, especially as I knew what crossing the Hay plain was like from previous trips. Can we all say 'Desolate'?

In the middle of nowhere this little church appeared, adrift in a sea of burnt yellow grass.
We detoured from the highway for a moment, to take some closer photos. A sign said it's still used on the third Sunday of every month. It's almost impossible to imagine the times when it was part of a thriving rural community. This is a very sparsely populated area now. Gunbar may be marked on the map, but there's not much there.
And then there was a lot more of this, with only that tanker up ahead to keep us company.
We are actually at home now, having made a dash for it at the end, so the next post will be the last of the road photos, and then a bit of what we'll be up to next. It may be strange, but we would like to get back in the car and do it all again, we had a great time even if we didn't linger along the way.


Donna 9:13 AM  

never having been to Australia, I found the "kangaroo crossing" sign in your photo quite interesting -- no problem knowing what it was saying, but had never thought of them being like other wildlife with areas/paths they tend to travel...It looks very wide open where the sign was placed on the highway, do you see them coming for some way? do they stick mainly to the plain?

Fran 2:51 PM  

Great pics, glad you've arrived and hope you settle soon,

meggie 6:39 AM  

An interesting Church. Lovely pics.
I think it is the restless Spring feeling. I too, would like to be 'on the road'.

tirane93 12:55 PM  

wow! texas and australia look an awful lot alike from the highway (except we have deer crossing signs and dead armadillos at the side of the road).

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