Friday, September 28, 2007

We came across several of these enormous silo complexes in New South Wales. I have never seen them in Queensland, and Mereth has never seen one in South Australia. We sailed past several without stopping, exclaiming at them, and finally agreed to stop at the next one so that Mereth could sketch it. This one is at Rankin Springs, and while Mereth sketched I wandered around and took some photos of the plants.
These poppies were self-sown, all around the blue-metal driveway of the silo. I loved the colours of the petals against the grey stone. I would like to try for that combination in some hand-dyes.
Some of the gum trees along the road must have had traumatic pasts, to end up in the shape they were. So many have died off, and the whole of Australia looks so dry. We really need 10 years of good rains to rescue the country. There were a lot of failed grain crops along the way, so these silos may not be full this year. So sad to think of all that effort and hope coming to nothing.
Some plants manage to grow no matter what the conditions.


Sweet P 11:46 AM  

Thanks for all the wonderful photos of the Australian countryside. I enjoy seeing what other countries look like.

meggie 6:04 PM  

It is so sad. I really believe there is enough water, in the planet, but the lack of trees, is a curse.

Shelina 2:51 AM  

Thank you for taking us along for the ride. These are gorgeous pictures! It might be a great camera, but the photographer is awesome!

Finn 1:36 PM  

Hi Keryn, I haven't popped over since the Elna Lotus jammed when you were making your Marvelous M's, and a lot has happened in my absence!! Oh My! Sounds like an extreme upheaval...but you know, I'll be you will be coming down in a place just right....and just over the hill is that 'valley of delight' they sing about.
You have all the necessary, importnat stuff covered...fabric, sewing machines, a good travel companion and time to get there. I hope everything works out in the best possible way*VBS* Hugs, Finn
P.S. Love your letters!

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