Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This post is brought to you by the letter 'S' and the number '8'.

I am a trifle obsessed with this letter, and still want to play with it, even though I have made the requisite number. It's my DD's first initial, so I have plans to recycle these into a monogram quilt for her. Next up will be the letter M, which is the start of both our middle names, so they will find a home too. I have no idea where Tonya is leading us with this, but I'm keeping my options open and trying not to overplan.

Mereth and I had a little whinge to each other about how messy this is. It just gives me the irrits, having all these threads and scraps and bits hanging about. I want to clean them all up, but I know the next letter will just make the same mess all over again. So I am trying to turn off the tidying-away gene, which is a bit of a laugh seeing as I had to train myself to be tidy in the first place! I hope I don't end up a serial messer because of this project.....

It's too warm for long pants, and that irritates me too. It's beautiful weather, the air is soft and warm and the sunshine is golden. Unfortunately there are also clouds of early mosquitos, and I haven't got my warm weather clothes out yet, so I'm 10° too warm and that makes me cranky.

Thanks to an anonymous tip from Mary I now know how to make degree symbols
"Type ALT 0176 (hold down ALT key and use the numbers to the side of your keyboard)"

Thanks awfully, I used to know this and a lot more, but it's vanished from the memory banks. I need to type degree symbols a lot in my line of work, and it bugged me that I couldn't remember. And was too lazy to go find it myself.That sun is awfully bright; makes it hard for a cat to get to sleep......


Tonya Ricucci 4:59 PM  

mwa ha ha ha, you've figured out my evil plan to make everyone as messy as I am. so fun to see your S's. Love that center left S in particular. wheeeee. great picture of kitty.

Anonymous,  5:18 PM  

Super sewing! Love the variety!

mereth 5:55 PM  

Bob is just too cute for words, and look at his little white tum!
Wonderful s's, as long as it's not for "Slytherin" you'll be right.

YankeeQuilter 7:21 PM  

A "seriel messer," finally a diagnosis for my sewing room habits! Welcome to my world!!!!

Donna 10:06 PM  

My "solution" for the messies when making letters is to keep the strips in a clear plastic tote that's relatively small -- but too big for them -- so its easy to rifle through, while easy to put a lid on in the end.... and I have one pile I put all the trimmings on my cutting mat so if any are "salvageable" I know exactly where to look.... Works for me and makes the playing a little easier :-)

jovaliquilts 7:19 AM  

Wonderful S's! It's an awesome letter with great possibilities. My last name begins with it and I have played around drawing it -- will have to move on to that for piecing.

meggie 4:37 PM  

My favourite is the centre left S. some good tips here, for degrees, must try!
And just adore the cat & sun pic!

Clare 5:21 PM  

Brilliant S's. Mess? What mess? I can't even see the table top!

comicbooklady 12:07 AM  

It's a good thing you have back up sewing machines! I love your m's, especially the one with the "straight bangs", very clever, will have to try that!

Quiltdivajulie 1:33 AM  

I'm SO glad to know that others are struggling with the messiness that scrappy strip piecing entails... at one point, I seriously though about naming this quilt "Visual Chaos" (we'll see...) Love the way your letters are turning out!!

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