Saturday, September 01, 2007

There is sock progress; second heel turned, into the final Leg Straight and an exciting finish in sight. Then I can knit something I like for a change.

Don't ever under-estimate the power of the blog to educate. I was reading another blog, with photography I love, and discovered how to use the macro function on my camera. I never knew why I couldn't get the right results, and for the life of me I can't remember seeing anything in the manual. Apparently with the Powershot models one switches to P or AV mode and then the macro works. Brilliant!
This plant is a lovely silver thing growing on my deck, Pyrethrum. If you click on the photo it looks like it's flocked, or covered in short fur. In fact, if it looks exactly like it's been crafted out of felted wool. I love the small depth of field too, interesting blurry backgrounds are just the thing to set off the feature item. I've got to have a play with this.

And I'm struck by how the iron brackets from the antique shop have the similar shapes to these leaves. Every sort of craftsman can be inspired by nature.


Carol E. 1:10 PM  

That's a PLANT? I clicked on it, and you are right. It looks like felted wool! I love the iron decoration thingy, too. Maybe whoever made that lived near your deck. (haha)

mereth 3:09 PM  

That's a stunning shot, I love the icy colour and the delicacy of the leaves, and yet they're sturdy as well, like felt as you say. I could imagine a world of plants like that in Narnia ubder the White Witch.....

meggie 8:38 AM  

Lovely pics. So we can now expect miracles in pictures, as well as quilts!

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