Friday, November 30, 2007

Another garage sale today, and I picked up this little beauty for $30. It's a treadle in a cabinet, not too bad condition. If the original seamstress hadn't placed her pincushion over the arm of the machine it would be in perfect shape. I wasn't going to buy it, until the vendor suggested I put another pincushion over that spot, and I thought that was a good idea. I want a treadle as a backup for emergencies, and as a piece of furniture, so the damage to the decals is immaterial. The belt is a little too tight for easy treadling, but I will buy a new one on my next trip into town. What a little darling!

I'm a bit peeved that the quilts are coming off the machine so quickly that the next one isn't even ready to load, so I am determined to make up a few backings and cut batting to size and have a stack of tops ready to go at a moments notice. I've run into a problem though; I can't bear to actually use my backing stash. How silly is that? Still, I'm having a huge struggle making up my mind what fabric to use with each top. This bit's too good, this bit's not long enough, this bit isn't nice enough quality, I want that for a future top......

These are shortlisted to go on the back of the patchwork they are laying on. None of them are big enough, so they will have to be pieced together somehow. I love the top, love all the fabrics too; now I just have to get over the feeling that I am 'wasting' them by using them up. I will have a finished quilt, with a back that I love just as much as the front. I need to get over this nonsense and just start using the lengths for what I bought them for. Backings!

I'm making a concerted effort to use up more fabric instead of constantly acquiring more, so I'm cutting hanging sleeves and bindings for every top and project. I'm determined to make space in the stash drawer, so that I can find what I want and put things away easily. I've downsized already, but I'm ready to go even further. It makes it easy when everything I wave in the direction of the bin prompts Mereth to offer 'I'll have that if you don't want it!" I get the feeling that my unwanted stash is just going to migrate around to her place.

Two weeks ago we made name blocks as a gift to Tonya for running the online classes. This is my name block, made with the hand-dyes I bought from Lisa Walton at the Adelaide show. I threw in a bit of black print to make the 3D effect. This was so much fun, I can see more projects with hand-dyes in my future. Thanks Tonya! I'm enjoying the free-piecing ideas.


Donna 2:30 PM  

love how you got the 3D effect on your name! I'm tucking that idea away in the store (the question is will it ever get back out!)...

Quilts And Pieces 7:04 PM  

Oh the machine is beautiful. Putting the pincushion or fabric there was a very common trait I think. My granmother's machine has it on there too. For $30 - I would have brought it home! I LOVE how you did your name 3D!

Mary Johnson 7:38 PM  

The 3D letters look great. When I decided I needed to bust my stash, I stopped *saving* fabrics. If something works for a backing and it's not set aside for a quilt already in progress it gets used.

antique quilter 10:27 PM  

What a great deal that sewing machine was...with the cabinet.
Wish I could find deals like that here in NJ!
I know what you mean about using the fabrics for backing. I used to buy fabric thats on sale 1/2 price for backings...cause I hate to use some of my favorite pieces for backings. Since I too am trying to get a bit of control back in the storage closets I will be piecing backs now. I love the look when I see it on others quilts!
Love your name in letters.
The bit of black was perfect addition. Love it!

meggie 12:03 AM  

Your name in letters looks great!
I love those fabrics you have there for backings.
I have found I have got a bit 'precious' about fabrics too, & wonder what the hell I am saving them for! I need to just USE them!!

(I am so glad to find I am not the only one who does this!LOL)

Tonya Ricucci 1:31 AM  

Keryn, I sooo love this block. thank you so much for making this for me. Can't wait to see it up close - I love the 3D effect.

Anonymous,  2:41 AM  

Wow Keryn, that machine is great. I can't believe what people find at Garage Sales.....

Anonymous,  5:54 AM  

Wow, that machine is *fabulous*!! Looks like it's in great shape, too! Are you on the treadle machine lists? and vintage_treadlesewingmachines (that one is on YahooGroups)

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