Tuesday, December 04, 2007

You know what these are don't you? I succumbed to Bonnie's Carolina Crossroads mystery challenge, and I spent this morning making these rail fence units. We were supposed to make 100, but because I can't count, apparently, there are 130 there. And I do what Bonnie does and pin them together in stacks of 10, because I have a hard enough time keeping track of the numbers anyway, and don't want to have to count them all again.
I can't imagine what I was thinking, I carefully worked out what I would need to get my 100 units, then went ahead and cut twice as much as I needed. Not enough coffee in the system obviously. But now I have a head start on a border for another quilt, or filler blocks for my orphans, or something. The colours are just what was in a massive pile of scraps by my machine, waiting for who-knows-what. I'm using double pinks as my accent, blue and brown for my scraps and cream shirtings for the lights. I love Bonnie's quilts, soI'm trusting that I will love whatever this turns out to be.

This is Binding Mountain.

My latest obsession is turning great swathes of material into neat bundles of bindings. Some of these are for finished quilts, others are for tops that are waiting their turn on the Statler. I cut 8 2.5" binding strips, no matter how big the quilt. Most of my quilts take 7 or 7-and-a -bit strips to bind. Then the extra goes into the scrap binding bin, and for every 6 or 7 finished quilts I get a free binding! They are being stored in my Ikea drawers, which I just love. I will get a few more on my next trip there, I love the compartments and the clear lids. They can be built into a unit, but I have them behind my sewing machine; they are nearly the same height as the plastic extension table around the sewing machine, which is rather handy.

I'm saving the triangles I cut when I do the mitred seams, and they will turn into HSTs one of these days. I try to throw them away, but it's a wicked waste when there are so many of them. I'm sure only day I'll be glad I kept them.

Each binding takes .5m, so there is 4.5m in that lot, plus I've turned 16m from my stash into backings this week. 20m busted! and none acquired (so far). I'm feeling rather please about that. But the backing stash is looking pretty scanty........


Tazzie 12:28 AM  

I'm growing further tempted to join in on the mystery with Bonnie. I love the blocks you've made up, and you did it so quickly.
Well done on making up the binding and backings, you've made a really nice dent in the stash. I have to confess, I gasped when you mentioned how much yardage you have, but I'm so impressed that you're doing a great job using it.

comicbooklady 4:27 AM  

wow! that's organized!

Joyce 5:58 AM  

I love the organizing drawer. I wish we had an Ikea close to us. Maybe I'll have to order some like that. I have some plastic drawers but they aren't divided like that.

julieQ 6:12 AM  

Very good! on making all your bindings. I too am doing the mystery quilt, in red, cream and blue. I can't wait to see everyone's finished quilts.

Have fun, Julie

Paula 7:23 AM  

I can't believe I never thought of that....cutting bindings ahead of time. What a great idea. Some of that stash that I am cutting can be made into bindings ahead of time. I hate digging around for binding fabrics, cutting strips on the bias, sewing them together, pressing and then finally I get to sew the binding on. Thanks for the great idea!

meggie 4:12 PM  

Very impressed with how neatly you have things organized! I wade about in my mess, & feel overwhelmed! haha. I am sure if I had a bit more organized storage, I wouldnt feel that way.

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