Friday, December 28, 2007

One of our Christmas traditions is clearing the decks for a jigsaw or two. I have loved puzzles for as long as I can remember, and I have a serious collection of favourites. I have several rules though;

  • no modern ones because the digital photos don't enlarge nicely
  • only houses, castles and boats - don't know where that one came from
  • if possible, only ones with weird interlocking shapes
  • nothing over 1000 pieces, as they just take too long, and take up too much space
  • nothing with too much sky

So WHY are we doing this monster? It's 3000 pieces, and there must be a thousand sky pieces alone. This is two days of work, to get it to this stage. However, every person who walks in the door is put to work, and they can't leave until they've got two pieces in place. At this rate we estimate it will be finished in December 2008.

Matt was very helpful, and put a lot of pieces together. Unfortunately, none of them were right. Thanks awfully!We have already decided that if we get the landscape done, and we are sick of it, we won't bother with the sky; however, I would love a photo of the thing completed, just to say we did it. Then the whole lot goes back to the op-shop, to inflict this insanity on another unsuspecting family.

Another Christmas tradition is courtesy of our Italian SIL, who every year delivers one of these intruiging boxes. Panettone is an Italian sweet bread full of raisins and citron, and it is so divine. I don't eat bread at all normally, but I make an exception for this. It is best eaten with a cup of brewed coffee; what a combination of flavours!And I have a confession to make. I have been feeling a bit smug, reading the posts detailing unfinished projects on Stashbuster and several blogs. 'Goodness gracious' I thought to myself. I don't have THAT many things started. Enter Reality,with a notebook and a camera and a desire to know exactly what I do have in my cupboards.67.

Well at least 67, because the memory card was full, and it had been a long day, and who really cared what was in that final cupboard, and who's idea was this anyhow!!??

I pulled out a set of blocks that was very near completion, and sewed them together, using a metre of sashing fabric in the process, which caused me great happiness. Then I had the brilliant idea of a pieced border. It does look good, but instead of slapping on a few strips of fabric to finish this I will be sewing 200 Flying Geese units. Some great ideas are just a lot of extra work, grumble grumble grumble. Trouble is, once I see it like that I can't settle for less.


Donna 6:18 PM  

Sometimes its hard to remember its the process not the end product isn't it :-) Your geese do make a wonderful border, and you will really like it I'm sure...

Marilyn Robertson 8:24 PM  

I have many UFO's too. My plan for 2008 is to count them and then get some of the finished. I am almost afraid to count them! Congrats on counting to at least 67! I agree, the geese will make a great border!

Mary Johnson 9:39 PM  

Well there are 25 on my list (and probably a handful more I haven't found) so now I don't feel so bad. I love the sashing and the geese, this will be beautiful like all your quilts.

antique quilter 10:37 PM  

Had to laugh as we normally start a puzzle the day or day after we pack away all the christmas decorations.
It usually stays there for a few weeks until its finished and we start another one....
this goes on all winter.
I LOVE your quilt and the flying geese border is just perfect!~
Love the sashing fabric your using.
No I am not counting my ufo's ! I decided to take a few out show them on my blog and finish them...and then take a few more out again...and conitnue thru out this year and see how many I can finish BUT I will still be working on other projects too.

Tazzie 11:57 PM  

Keep going with the flying geese units, they look just wonderful. We love Panettone in this house too, and you just reminded me that we have an unopened one in the pantry ... mmmmmm ....

meggie 2:50 AM  

That top is just lovely!!

We used to love doing jigsaws, the bigger the better. Failing eyes & lack of suitable space put a stop, & we haven't done any for a long time. I keep suggesting them to the Garden Vandal, as a distraction from the pantry & the garden, but he he doen't take the hint! Perhaps when his new glasses arrive...

Rosemary 10:24 AM  

i LOVE puzzles too, but what do ya do with them when you;'re done?

Sweet P 7:16 PM  

A 3,000 piece jigsaw puzzle - what a challenge. Good luck with it. We once put together a circular puzzle that was a picture of Lifesaver Candy Rolls. That was a tough one.

Carol E. 9:30 PM  

Your story is a little like something I did the other day. I was trying to clean up my sewing area, and in the process I decided it would make sense to put together the blocks that were sitting out. So I spent a couple of hours making a quilt top... and bragged to my husband that it was all part of my cleaning up process... it's kind of like you trying to quickly finish that UFO and then deciding to add the flying geese. They look great, by the way. I love those earth colors.

Annie 8:05 AM  

I absolutely love that quilt at the bottom of your post, just fabulous!

: )

Rose Marie 7:54 AM  

The flying geese really does make the quilt and any extra work will truly be worth it in the end! 67 .... whew ..... I would be sweating if there were that many are my shelves. :o)

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