Sunday, December 30, 2007

Another collage of my UFOs. Some of these are seriously aged, and it's time they were dealt with. The Wild Goose Chase blocks in the second row are 23 years old, and I still love them. They need a bit of TLC; at some stage an accident befell them, something to do with cats or kids or a FIL hosing down the verandah, I'm not sure which now. Either way, the blocks had to have a bath, and the calico in them shrank rather drastically. They need to be blocked into shape, and sashed with the remaining revolting calico, and then quilted. They can shrink all they like once they're quilted, they will just look antique then.

And that Tumbling Blocks next to them just needs to be trimmed to size and it can go on the finished tops pile. I do let little chores put me off, and then I don't get the thrill of completing something. Need to change the way I work for 2008.

Mereth and I have been having a 'Quilt Reflection' for the last week. Ordinarily we would call it a Quilt Retreat, but our mate Bruce scoffs at that term. 'Retreat is Defeat!' he exclaims. "You can't call it that.' What a guy way to look at things. For women a retreat can be a strategic defence, to rally the reserves and fight again another day. And that's precisely what Quilt Retreats are about. So maybe we will go back to calling it whatever we want to.

The Reflection was because we needed to have a long think about our quilting, rather than complete a whole heap of new tops. My main desire was to catalogue the projects and see how many I could complete easily, how many I could discard, or combine with others, or finish in an abbreviated form. Then to do some planning for future quilts, so that I have a themed collection instead of the random approach I've had in the past.

And I desperately needed to get my fabric sorted and stored in one spot, and I've achieved that. My sewing room is set up and it feels great, and my fabric storage is set out so I can lay my hands on anything I want straight away. I think it's going to be a perfect spot to work. And I'm very pleased that my stash doesn't take up a huge amount of room these days; I love all my fabrics and there are NO uglies. All that Stashbusting really paid off.

We'll spend these last few hours of 2007 writing up a list of commitments for 2008, and a list of goals, and a few resolutions. But I may be sewing while I reflect; I just found another 5 projects to add to the list.


Meredith 9:28 AM  

I love that photo you made of the UFO'S. I made goals for 2007 and had fun finishing quilts. I am still not sure how I am heading into 2008. I like some of the ideas you have posted. I would love too see how you do with getting all of your fabric in one spot. Happy New Year!

meggie 8:47 PM  

Happy New Year Keryn.
Love seeing all your projects!
Your resolves are good. Good luck with following them through.
My will power is too weak, & I flip & flop about.

I am like a fish out of water with my sewing at present.

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