Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I was up at 6 this morning, and managed to finish all the triangle units for Bonnie's Carolina Crossroads mystery I'm not speculating as to what the finished quilt will look like, I'm just doing what I'm told and making each set of units. That's a first for me, I usually have to change something and do things my way. It's a relief to just follow the directions, no thinking on my part. I will be quite proud of myself when these are put together into a quilt; there's a serious amount of piecing involved in this. I haven't made a whole quilt out of tiny pieces for a while; I love all Bonnie's quilts, but I shied away from making one because of the time it would take. Doing this as a mystery was perfect, it's been nicely spread out and I haven't felt pressured by any of it. I even learnt to like 9-patches again!

Somehow I ended up working on a blue and white Double Irish Chain yesterday. I was sure the drawer contained only 2" blue squares, but at the bottom were some partly pieced blocks, and I thought I could just whizz them up and put them in the Orphan Box, and then I realised there were too many blocks to be orphans and I quite liked how it was going together and maybe I could just make a small quilt and...blah blah blah. So add another project to the pile. This is going to be the year of the UFO; they will be dealt with. At the end of this year I want all my UFOs to be recently started projects, not these ancient old things.


doni 12:14 PM  

I love blue and white quilts - it's going to be wonderful! Are you sure that there aren't some other blue & white blocks that would work for a border????

Good luck!

Donna 12:30 PM  

those blues and whites look wonderful! Remind me of the cold winter we're having here....

meggie 3:19 PM  

Well, the blue & white looks lovely & cool, as I sit stewing up here on the Coast! haha.

I should have a look at my blues. Hmm I have a new great nephew due to be born in March...

antique quilter 7:25 PM  

Love how your laying out this quilt...something about 2 color quilts I just love.
your amazing with all you get done.
Love reading your blog.
yesterdays collage is just amazing.
Oh how I would love to have some of your ufo's!

julieQ 1:10 PM  

I am doing blues and whites and reds for my mystery, your triangles look great!!

Are you finished with step 5 yet??
It takes some time!!

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