Sunday, January 06, 2008

I finished the Double Irish Chain, and as usual I like it a whole lot better now it's done. Most of these blues are entirely gone from my stash, which I regard as a triumph. This is a testament to stash busting;I have whittled my blues down to 4 drawers instead of the 6 there used to be. And most of them are useable blues too, not the muddy grayed out ones that I used up.
I sewed diligently and finished the 100 Carolina Crossroads hourglass units. I can't wait till next Thursday to see how it all starts going together. It's been fun. I have never made this many hourglass blocks before, I was always a bit scared of them, but not any more. I'm quite comfortable with them now.

And of course there were leftovers from cutting them, so I sewed them into these tiny halfsquare triangle units, and I intend to make some filler blocks for the Orphan box. There is no temptation to do anything more ambitious with these little fellas.And then, because Mereth is so sure that I can't make a small quilt, I pulled these UFO bolcks out and finished them, even though I wanted to make another 10. It's a nice cot-size top the way it is, and I did enjoy the Cotton Reel setting so I will use that again in another quilt. You can see the instructions for that here.

All this sewing has entailed working with old projects and, now that I am wearing glasses and sewing in excellent natural light, I'm appalled at how inaccurately I used to piece. I had to do a lot of fudge work to make these bits play nicely, especially when I cut new strips to use with the old. I can actually see what I'm doing now, and for the last two years I've been guessing. Hopefully all my work will be accurate from now on....

The last two years are going to be known as my Magoo period; quilt historians examining this lot of quilts will nod knowledgeably and say 'These predate the arrival of the new spectacles, you can tell by the mismatched seams and variable strip width....'

Wouldn't this be the perfect car for me, as Ms Magoo? It's in the Birdwood motor museum, and is an electric car from 1929. It even has crystal vases inside. I WANT it!


Vicki W 2:10 PM  

Your blue and white quilt is lovely!

mereth 3:17 PM  

A small quilt eh? I'm eating my hat as I type......

Hedgehog 6:56 PM  

Just love your blue and white double Irish chain.

Joyce 10:49 PM  

Love the double Irish Chain but the cot quilt is just adorable. Love the colors and the settings. Beautiful.

Donna 1:14 AM  

love the idea of a magoo period -- now if it could always be so easily cured with glasses it would be even better! :-)

Sweet P 4:14 AM  

What a wonderful collection of quilts. I like your Irish Chain.

meggie 8:57 AM  

The double Irish chain is lovely, but my heart is stolen by the lovely colours of the little quilt.

Thankyou for the tips you share.

Tonya Ricucci 6:53 PM  

accurate shmaccurate. your blocks look wonderful no matter what.

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