Saturday, January 12, 2008

Are we half way through summer yet? I am so ready to be 6 weeks away from Autumn, which is possibly my favourite season. I tend to like bits of every season, but if I had to rank them it would be Autumn, Spring, Winter and then Summer trailing in last by a country mile. I appreciated summer a lot more when I was 18 and could wear a halter top and was concerned with getting a tan. The heat and the sunshine were all pluses. Now, none of that applies. I think I'm very lucky to have got to be this age without a skin cancer, when I think of my unprotected past summers. And I probably do have one or two cancers, and just don't know it yet.

And we have 47 days of summer left. 6 and a bit weeks. I can deal with that.

I have done my usual trick, and this quilt grew to be a monster too. It measures 88 x 82". It was meant to be about 64" square!!!!! I need to realise that just because I'm having fun with a pattern there's no need to prolong it by making the quilt bigger. I could make another one, if it's that much fun, or I could immediately start a new project and enjoy that too. I do not need huge quilts, that suck all the fun out of life until they are finished!

There's a slight note of hysteria there. Those borders took four days off my life expectancy, what with the stress of the conniptions they gave me. I spent hours scowling at the design wall where it was all pinned in pieces, trying new combinations and muttering curse words. And yet it's so simple and predictable now; that would be because I abandoned all the clever things and went with the safe options. However, at least it's more adventurous that my usual strips of fabric.

(And it is square, it just refuses to hang properly, and I don't particularly care.)

And now, just for fun and relaxation, I'm going to sew together the Ohio Star blocks from the mystery units, and by golly they'd better behave and do what they're told or it will be in the drawer with them. They should not mess with me when I'm shell-shocked after all those borders. I'm not in the mood for it!


Anonymous,  3:07 PM  

I love your quilt - it looks spectacular! The border looks so good; I very much like light geese on a dark background.Can you tell I want to make one....

Anonymous,  11:47 PM  

I agree with you on the favorite seasons (except I might have to put Spring first, because I love to put in my garden). You quilt is fabulous, and your colors are gorgeous. I love the colors for your Bonnie's Mystery, too.

Donna 1:12 AM  

isn't it amazing how we get sucked into "more is better" even in our quilting, rather then truly celebrating and enjoying the process we engage in? I think the geese turned out wonderfully on your quilt, even if those borders increased the size a lot :-)

Paula 4:31 AM  

I love your top! It's amazing. I would NEVER try flying geese in the borders. My geese don't like it here and ALWAYS fly south! You did an excellent job and I love the creamy/tan background.

meggie 5:42 AM  

Love that quilt top!! It was so worth the cursing etc.

The mystery is looking great! I am enjoying looking at the various colour combinations.

Patti 11:59 AM  

I love the borders! I'm so glad you stuck with it until they were completed. They enhance the quilt in a way than no simple fabric strips could have done. Beautiful!

Jenni 12:44 AM  

I hear ya! It was so humid here today that I had to sit perfectly still to stop dripping with sweat. Very unpleasant. What a nice thought - 6 weeks til summer, but really, it doesn't start to feel nice here til April. Love your quilt and the border, I'm not surprised it gave you some grief. You tell those blocks how it is! Back in the drawer for you if there is any playing up!

Lea 10:44 AM  

Oh, How marvelous! Your quilt is stunning!
I also love your Ohio star blocks. Indigo blue and double pink is one of my favorie combination color! Can't wait to see it finished! :-)

julieQ 1:51 PM  

NOT a monster quilt!! A lovely one! The border is just right.

Love your mystery blocks, my day to work on these is tomarrow...


doni 8:10 AM  

I find that there's nothing like a good time out for recalcitrant blocks and quilts! My "Birds of a Feather" are in the corner right now for border woes!

Your quilts are great - it's obvious they learn their lessons when you discipline them!


Floss 11:03 AM  

I think the border is just perfect.
It really finishes the quilt of nicely.

Helen in the UK 8:16 PM  

Your Ohio Star block looks great - the pink really pops against the other colours :)

Carol E. 12:59 AM  

What a gorgeous quilt top! And I totally agree with your ranking of the seasons. Summer is way last for me, also.

Tanya Brown 5:50 AM  

Wow. Your quilt top is lovely. You have a remarkable command of color and design.

country mouse 1:43 AM  

Your "monster" quilt is just gorgeous!! I am with you too on the season thing. I am not a summer person either. People around here think I'm crazy, but I just LOVE autumn too.

Quilts And Pieces 2:01 AM  

Oh your quilt is beautiful! And I love your mystery blocks! WONDERFUL colors and fabrics - those are my kind of blocks! Oh by the way, Spring is by far my least favorite season. But fall is my favorite too!

Kari 1:27 PM  

I am so excited about your blog! I love you quilts, would you like to put some in my shop here in the states, I am reopening in my cabin in Northern Indiana, hoping to offer quilt retreats, etc...Let me you can leave me a comment at this is appropriate to ask you on your blog! Live on the edge huh? Kari

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