Friday, December 21, 2007

Home again, and ready to stay put for a while. I've certainly put some miles on that car of mine.

Most of the crops along the way have been harvested, and now the fields are full of baled hay. There are a variety of types of bales, but these huge round ones always make me laugh. They look so surreal, like a landscape by Salvador Dali. They are taller than I am, and I would love to see them being stacked and loaded onto the trucks. That's a lot of hay to shift.We took DS to the Birdwood Motor Museum, up in the Adelaide hills, and that was interesting. It was pure co-incidence that a wonderful patchwork shop, the Patchwork Apple, was only minutes away! We ducked in for literally 15 minutes, and grabbed a handful of fabric each. Shirtings! Only two, but 1/2m of each is better than nothing.
The others were remnants, and all very useful prints. I was exceedingly restrained in my purchases, considering the wonderful reproduction fabrics they had. We can go back another time.
I finished quilting another quilt before we went away. This was made from stash, and the pieced strips were whatever was left from a series of quilts I made last year. It looks nice and cheerful and summery, and is on my bed for now; I really am spoilt for choice when it comes to bed quilts.

And since I got home I have finished this top, which was stalled for lack of the border fabric. I picked up the necessary metres on the way home yesterday, and had it in one piece before lunchtime today. It grew to be 84" square, and I didn't mean for it to be that big. I must be stricter in future and refuse to be bullied by my quilts.

I do think the result was worth the long search for just the right border fabric. I love how this turned out, and I'm planning the quilting designs already. I just have to find a backing for it, hopefully from stash; that will earn me a few more metres to buy on my next patchwork shop expedition.


Lisa D. 10:28 AM  

That border fabric is PERFECT! What a stunning quilt.

Quilts And Pieces 6:56 PM  

The whole quilt is absolutely perfect! I just love it!

meggie 9:56 PM  

Wow Kerryn! That big Bully quilt is fabulous.
I also love the scrap one, how cheery & bright it is.

Merry Christmas, & a fabulous 2008!

Jenni 6:52 AM  

That makes me laugh - I get bullied by my quilts too! They insist that I have the right number of blocks per row, and the right proportion of blocks up as across, then suddenly they are too big or a different shape than I really wanted!

sewprimitive karen 4:44 AM  

Ohhhh Kerrie, the quilt is so pretty. I've designed some lately in EQ that would be too big and I have to resist them. These big ones do want to be made lol. Love your picture for your entry.

Merry Christmas!

Kucki68 4:01 AM  

The anvil quilt has a wonderfully old fashioned feel to it enhanced beautifully by the border.

Rose Marie 10:41 AM  

Love the quilting for your bed quilt! The patchwork pattern is very simple, but the quilting sure brings it to life. Your top is going to be gorgeous once it's all quilted up!

Judith 11:49 AM  

That quilt is gorgeous and I love the quilting on the other one too, I love both quilts very much.

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