Monday, September 08, 2008

For some time now I've been harping on to Mereth about an idea I had. Remember that old TV show, Queen For A Day? My idea was that I would let Mereth be QFAD, and I would sew whatever she wanted me too, I would tidy up sewing rooms or cut new kits or iron fabric or sew boring old bits together, in short whatever she wanted me to do. In return, I would get to be QFAD, and I already had my project picked out. My 4 drawers of green fabrics are a constant reproach, and I want a Sisters Choice quilt; so I want her to help me make a green Sisters Choice. Simple.

But she's not convinced. She doesn't need me to cut fabric, or sew blocks, or tidy up. And she doesn't trust me to be accurate enough, and I'm too messy to be allowed in her sewing room, and if I sewed on a project then she would miss out on the fun of making those blocks.... And she says I'm a control freak!

Hmmpphh. But I have been building up Brownie points here and there, quilting customer quilts, working out patterns for her, ironing backings and doing paperwork. And at last it paid off, when she agreed to help kit up 30 Sisters Choice blocks in exchange for some Creative Studio work that she didn't want to do. WIN!!N0w I just have to sew them up, but that will be pure fun. I didn't get to be Queen For A Day, more like Princess For An Hour, but it was fun while it lasted.


julieQ 5:34 AM  

Ha! I would say that you are both winners! Fun to have the kits already to go when the mood strikes, or you have a spare moment. I love your chosen blocks, too!

Candace 5:51 AM  

Princess for an hour is a good thing. Maybe you should keep earning brownie points in case another project comes to mind. I love your pinwheel block and the tutorial.

Paula 7:42 AM  

Yep, I'd settle for Princes for an Hour!!! Good for you. It will be fun sewing your way through those baggies! Can't wait to see the progress.

Lori in South Dakota 11:31 AM  

Mereth--you can sew with me, I love green and sister's choice blocks! And I'm a bit messy too!

pdudgeon 6:38 PM  

hmmm, Princess for an Hour...that's almost as good as when my hubby says 'honey, you just keep on quilting--i'll nuke dinner tonight!" LOL.

Tazzie 2:35 AM  

I'll play Queen for a Day with you ... anytime!

Jan Mac 4:48 AM  

I read your blog everyday and love seeing your current projects. I think I'll have to try your idea of kitting up some blocks ready to sew. I tend to cut a few and then piece them before cutting more.
The Sistrers Choice blocks will be pretty too.
Hugs JJ (Aussie)

meggie 2:32 PM  

Another exciting block to begin your new quilt. I think you are pretty lucky!

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