Sunday, September 28, 2008

I made these cross blocks a while ago and they've been sitting on my design wall ever since. The pieces for them came from this drawer of strips, which I cut some time early in the year. I had a plan for some scrap blocks, scribbled on a Post-it note, and I cut up metres of stash fabric into these size strips. Then I forgot all about them. And lost the Post-it note. I thought these cross blocks were what I was making, but there weren't any more pieces or strips this size. Hmmm.

This weekend I decided to deal with the whole mess by figuring out what exactly I'd been trying to make in the first place.

The 5 1/2" strips were easy; cut into squares and cross cut again they made these triangles, and I'd already cut a heap of them and put them in the drawer.

There were also many 3 1/2" strips, and they fitted the short side of the triangles, so they must have been for the arms of the cross; but how wide was I going to cut them?

There were also a heap of 2 3/8" strips, some cut into squares and then diagonally for corner triangles. Obviously whatever size cross fitted them would be the one that I intended to make.

I made three samples, one with the cross arms cut at 2", one at 2 1/2" and one at 3".

The corner trianlge for the 3" one was toooooo small.

The corner for the 2" one was tooooo big.

But the 2 1/2" one was juuust right!

So now I've cut the strips up into the correct pieces and have sorted them out into blocks and they can be my next leader enders. Or not. They are so much fun to sew that I've done about 12 of them without stopping. And while I do like the thicker cross in these blocks I also love that thinner one. Might have to make a heap of them as well.
And I have written up all the sizes and diagrams in a book, so that I won't get lost again. Not on this project anyway.


Carolyn 5:04 PM  

I love this look. I can't wait to make some of these blocks too. I know exactly what you mean about starting some cutting and losing the measurements and wondering what you were making in the first place.Thank you for putting measurements on your blog. That is so helpful.

Lori in South Dakota 4:52 PM  

I've done that often, started something and lost the instructions. Now I use ziplock baggies and put it all together. But I am getting better about getting back to the UFO's!

meggie 12:07 AM  

I will have to rummages among my UFOs to see what I can find!

Henrietta 4:39 PM  

Do you get porridge as a reward? They are cute but I have too much website work and must not be tempted, no, no no.

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