Sunday, September 14, 2008

These first two photos are two crib quilts we finished recently. The Dresden Plate was done in '30s reproductions, and it was very sweet. It had to be finished without delay, as the baby was due to arrive any day!

The bear applique was very sweet and pretty, we thoroughly enjoyed working on it. The maker of these two tops has now completed a quilt for each of her six great-grandchildren, no small feat.

Our workroom has a drastic shortage of pincushions, so I combed the net looking for easy patterns. The pink gingham one is the easiest, just two circles sewn together and stuffed, and a button sewn through the middle. The two in pansy fabrics are bicornus, adapted from this pattern

They were fun to make and they look wonderful; I made them with 5"charm squares, and I will make a few more through the week. I also made a needlebook, but I left it round at Mereth's, so you can't see it just yet. Next on the sewing list is aprons, at least 10. Mereth and I decided we need to wear aprons in the workroom, especially as a lot of the quilts we've been working on are stitcheries or white-on-white fabric. So I need to whip up enough aprons for both of us. That will be a fantastic stash-busting exercise!

Last weekend we had to go shopping for a client's quilt, and combined it with a trip to the beach. Moonta Bay is about an hour and a half south of here, and is a lovely little tourist town. The beach has acres of sand, and Macca was delighted by it all. It was his first time at the beach, and the expression on his face when he had a drink of sea-water was priceless.
Jessie never stopped running the whole time, except when she was digging through the drifts of seaweed. I was relieved she didn't find anything disgusting, despite her best efforts.

I don't think that belly full of salt-water is sitting too well.......


meggie 10:59 PM  

Poor Macca, he does look a bit sick!
Lovely client quilts.

Jenni 1:24 AM  

Dogs that drink seawater usually get a free colonic in my experience. It was very brave of you to put him in the car straight after!

sewprimitive karen 6:01 AM  

Oh, Macca looks so sick! Such a cute picture of both of them on the beach. Do people ever send you quilts from the US to be quilted?

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