Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This is the little felt needlebook I made on the weekend. I've had the mother-of-pearl star buttons for many years, and they were just right for this little project that I will use every day. The felt pages inside are a bit rough and ready, I intend replacing them with some wool blanketing, when I find where I put it. I know it's here somewhere.
I'm on to apron number 6 now, all basic patterns that take up about 1 metre of fabric. Our lovely dress form Matilda is modeling one of the creations in a vintage check fabric that was only 34" wide. It's nice being able to use our vintage material for something really useful. Mereth loves the 3 pockets at waist level, and hopefully we will learn to place pins in the apron bibs, instead of our clothes, where they end up in the laundry or bathroom, or even worse, the washing machine.

It was a day of backing fabric, huge lengths that had to be washed and ironed and squared up ready for loading on Millhouse. It seems like every surface in the workroom is buried under acres of fabric. We aim to have 4 quilts finished by the end of the week, so hopefully we'll have some room to move.

We're just tidying up the thread ends on a Double Irish Chain, and when the lighting is right tomorrow we'll take some photos. It turned out just the way we wanted it to, and I hope the customer is as thrilled as we are. She did a fantastic job piecing it, and it was fun to design celtic patterns for the border and blocks. I would have this quilt as my own in a heartbeat.See this chain of yo-yos hanging on our pin-up board? I'm making a yo-yo from the backing fabric of every quilt that we have quilted on Millhouse. We have scraps of nearly all of them, and I'm really enjoying making this tangible reminder of our work. I plan to have a folksy Christmas tree in the workroom this year, and it will be decorated with this garland and lots of homemade fabric ornaments. I hope one day to have many of these garlands on our tree.

Mereth arrived this morning with a bunch of freesias from her garden; lovely flowers, and sweetly fragrant. Spring has arrived.


Tanya Brown 9:43 AM  

Clever notebook and garland!

And I'm sure the customer is going to be thrilled with the quilt.

meggie 2:19 PM  

Those Freesias are just gorgeous!
Great idea with the yoyo garland.
The needle case is cute,

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